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I bet your Mum would remember this fragrance. If you haven’t bought her something smelly for Christmas, then you need to check these out. I guarantee she’ll love you even more for reminding her of her youth.
Aqua Manda featured on dressing tables the length and breadth of the UK in the early 70s. The tall brown bottle packaged in a beautiful orange box featuring a selection of ripe fruits and flowers. It took pride of place on my Mum’s table and would be the first bottle I would grab if I wanted to play at being an adult.
It’s a fragrance that brings back some very happy memories of the seventies for me. Even today, when I opened a bottle, it transported me straight back to being a kid again.
In my mind’s eye, I see my Mum doing her hair with heated rollers finishing her eyes with a feline flick that she’d peel off when she got home. Spraying it upwards into the air before walking through the fine mist.
Aqua Manda Ad
It has a spicy oriental base from the tarragon and patchouli with a hint of neroli orange. This gives the scent as a sharp yet warm and woody edge perfect for evenings out.

Approval is good enough!

Reviews claim it was not the same scent as the original, but I beg to differ. Although it’s a recreation, the steps BBD has taken to emulate it is incredible. Even to go as far as gaining approval from the original creator of the perfume.
OK, it’s not a young person fragrance. Millennials may recoil in horror, but older siblings and Mum’s of ours won’t. They might fondly remember it and will jump at the chance to wear it again. Much like my sister when I told her I had a bottle.

The Sassy Sister

It’s sister scent Aqua Citra has also had a revamp. Born in the same era as it’s famous sibling but sadly never shone as bright as the top billing Aqua Manda.
Here is a much lighter airier scent with tones of bergamot, lemon verbena and star anise. Don’t think natural citrus. This is not regular lemon; it’s greener, a much leafier fragrance A brighter, fresh perfume with herbal notes which is perfect as a day to day scent.
Reintroduced to the market by BBD in nearly identical packaging to the original, both bottles are 100ml and cost between £35-£42.
I was the lucky recipient of 2 full sized bottles both Aqua Manda and Aqua Citra from BBD for this review. I only review things that I would buy or use myself. 

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