We might not get wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures all summer in the UK, but a few simple measures, like a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, can ensure that you enjoy your outdoor adventures in the warmer weather. Sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration can all be prevented if you look after yourself, so here are a few of my top tips to keep you active all summer long.


Technical, wicking fabrics make the ideal clothing for summer hiking as they will pull moisture away form the body. I tend to wear gym tops that are a little looser than normal, this allows for better air circulation. I also sometimes wear long sleeves if I’m going to be out for a long time. Don’t forget your feet, it is worth investing in a decent pair of socks, like my current favourites, WigWam Escalante Pro and a well fitting lightweight pair of walking shoes or boots.

On the second day of my charity walk, I wore a long sleeved technical shirt and a hat for maximum sun protection


Please learn from my mistake. Earlier this year I walked 50 miles over a weekend and completely underestimated the strength of the sun. All in all I spent about twenty hours outside over those two days. Even with a decent amount of cloud cover, that was always going to result in sunburn without adequate protection. Of course, I completely forgot about sun cream, it was slightly cloudy, it wasn’t really hot so I thought I’d be ok. I still have a ridiculous tan line now that I don’t think I’ll ever straighten out. More seriously, I also ended up with very painful burnt skin that took over a week to recover. The consequences could have been much worse, so I am much more proactive now when it comes to sun protection. I always make sure I wear at least factor 15, also it is imperative that the sunscreen is still in date. DO NOT just use some cream that you have lying around from last year, it may not be effective.

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