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Looking for Authentic Bubble Tea and somewhere to enjoy it whilst you socialise? Quaker Street in London‘s Shoreditch may just be the answer. The owners of Quaker Street have a strong belief that creativity can break down walls amongst people. Quakers have created an inspiring meeting ground for young people and young professionals to come together and mingle.

We were recently invited to check out what Quaker Street offers and try their Authentic Bubble Tea. A quick internet search gave me the 411 on Quaker Street and we couldn’t accept the opportunity fast enough. We loved that every Authentic Bubble Tea and coffee served is locally sourced and creatively crafted.


Quaker Street Coffee & Authentic Bubble Tea

Quaker Street is not your everyday coffee shop but rather a common ground for the young and professionals. They offer more than just Authentic Bubble Tea, coffees and snacks but rather a creative space. But they are dedicated to making the perfect bubble tea, not too sweet either.

At Quaker Street, it is their belief that ‘the power of creativity can break down walls between people’. This was evident in the various customers and locals we met during our visit. Everyone was friendly, chatted to everyone as though they had known each other for a long time.

Did you know that Quakers are the first London Coffee Shop to drop Music on Vinyl and Stream? We definitely didn’t, you can find some of their EPs on Spotify and have a listen. Quaker Street Cafe has committed to helping the local creative community in our history. New creative coworking space will launch late 2018, read more about the pledge. They want the space to become accessible during evenings and weekends.

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Quaker Street is doing amazing work in their local community and I wish them success. But, I am sure you’re curious to know what kind of Authentic Bubble Tea, coffees and snacks they offer.

For the coffee enthusiasts, you will be happy to learn that, Quaker uses 100% Arabica beans which originate from Ethiopia, Columbia & Guatemala. They are roasted light to medium and every coffee has two shots as standard. For vegans, they offer Almond, Coconut, Oat and Soya Milk, in the coffees.


If like me, you prefer teas over coffees, fret not, Quaker has you covered with their Authentic Bubble Tea. I am sure by now many of you are asking, what is bubble tea? Well, let me educated you, I learnt this recently. Bubble tea is a refreshing tea drink available in both milky and fruity flavours and is best served cold. What Quakers offers is topping to these teas like juice balls or fruit jellies for the true bubble tea experience.

What Authentic Bubble Tea did we try?

Obviously, our main reason for visiting Quaker Street was to give their ‘Authentic Bubble Tea’ a try, I opted for Vanilla milk bubble tea with blueberry jelly toppings. Lucy (my sister), mango fruit bubble tea with tapioca topping as recommended by the staff. Two words, LOVED IT.


We absolutely loved our choices, we even managed to try the Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Thanks to downloading the colu app, which awards you £5 to spend in Quakers. We definitely recommending try the vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, very hearty and healthy.

We definitely recommend checking out this lovely cafe and creative workspace. There are doing incredible work in the community and have even bigger plans for the future. Remember, the co-working space launches end of 2018, which has fixed and flexible desk options. Weekend pop up shop requests for January 2019 onwards is now available. 


Thank you, Mo, founder of Quaker Street for inviting us and sharing your vision. You can find Quaker Street Cafe @ 10 Quaker Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6SZ. They open 7 am to 7 pm during weekdays and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

Read the original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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