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School is meant to be the best time of your life. You meet people who go on to become your closest friends and you learn things that’ll set you up for the real world. School should also be one of the happiest times of your life, with memories that’ll stay with you forever.

I have memories of school. Mostly good ones but there were times where it wasn’t the greatest time of my life by far. In fact, I was made to feel like being Epileptic was a hinderance and Prom, the event every child looks forward to.. Dreams about even! I was not allowed to go for fear that if I did have a seizure the night would have to be stopped to allow me help resulting in the night being ruined for everyone else. That is what I was told by those that I looked up to in school.

When I was getting bullied I was made to feel as though it was all in my head, the people making my school life a misery were believed over me. Now I thought that all these events were more the school being afraid of the unknown rather than just pure ignorance.

4 years have gone by, a lot has changed and it is my brother who is now on his journey through Secondary School. Ashley suffers from Autism and ADHD.

If you are familiar with people who have these conditions you may know that change isn’t something that take easily. I was super worried when he started big school for I know that even those who absolutely love change and new beginnings get a little overwhelmed by it all. However, he surprisingly managed to face it.

Sure! It wasn’t easy. He had some bumps along the way. His first year there he got into trouble now and then and I don’t have any excuses for that because there aren’t any. However, he grew up, he found some medication that worked and he started to become a better person.

He’s in year 8 now, loving the majority of his lessons

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