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I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late.  I’ve had a few weeks where things haven’t gone great in terms of getting the right provision for both my lovely boys. As you may know, both happen to be Autistic. It’s all been a bit of a poop fight. It’s exhausting and I’m damn angry that it has to be so difficult to get the support my children need. I can’t really go into the in’s and out’s as it’s all a bit sensitive and ongoing, but I feel soul destroyed.

Not just because everything seems a battle – we look to people to various authorities to help our children, thinking that as a society, we should help those that need it most. To help those who bloody well deserve a chance to fulfil their potential.

This is not the case. It’s not enough to get a diagnosis of ASD. In a first world society you would think so. It’s not. I’m am struggling with the fact I must prove at every turn why my children deserve help. Why they need extra support. Basically, I must constantly harp on about the things they cannot do. Its’ exhausting and it breaks my heart.

Of course, there are things they find difficult. That goes without saying.  But I wanted to write a post to celebrate the things they can do.  They are just children who happen to be on the Autistic Spectrum. I hate the term some people use….” Autism makes them who they are……….” ……………no, it doesn’t. Autism can have a big influence on their interests, dislikes and behaviours. Autism is a very small part of who there are, not their whole being.

So, the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks, prompted me to write this post. Not only to celebrate the things my two boys are good at, but to give you an idea about their personalities, what they love, what makes them laugh…………so they are not seen as just children with Autism. So first up…’s Monty.

Monty – he not just Autistic

He loves being with his family We have called him Moo Moo since he was a baby He adores his brother He has the most wicked sense of humour He has a giggle that will bring a smile to anyone’s face His favourite food is ham, egg and chips He loves going out for lunch He is brilliant at adding and taking away His reading is amazing

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