Autumn is almost upon us and I am in shock as I write/type this because we’ve not really had in summer this year. I always tell my friends that BRITISH SUMMER IS MY FAVOURITE DAY OF THE YEAR. Because honestly we seem to get one decent day of sunshine and it’s back to autumnal weather. Luckily I am ok with autumn and prefer it to most seasons in the UK excluding summer (when we have it).

As Autumn 2017 is only a few weeks away, I thought I share my autumn fashion 2017 must haves. These are items that I have either recently purchased or can do with.

Autumn Fashion 2017 Must Haves Woolies 

Though some might not be familiar with the term woolies, it just means your cardigans and jumpers. For some it might be weird to thing about wearing woolies when summer hasn’t even ended yet. But for most of us in the UK we probably have been donning them for going on two weeks now. It’s important to have some nice warm outwear to keep you warm.

Boots and Shoes

Having comfortable shoes is something we all aim to have in our closets but we soon forget about supportive. I have been looking into supportive sleepers for my mum of late and thought why not for myself too. Normally when I am searching for autumnal shoes it’s always boots that come to mind. But for my mum who doesn’t like boots because they don’t offer her the support she needs.


Everyone needs to have a scarf in their closet, not only to keep you warm but as a fashion statement. Scarfs are essential pieces of clothing that can be worn all year round. Obviously it’s different types to match the weather but still are essential items to have.

Beanies and Hats 

Brits can teach you a thing or two about wearing beanies more than hats. Our unpredictable weather has made us champions in donning beanies and hats more for sanity that style. If you just had your hair done and want it

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