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Back in September I decided I really needed to get back into shape because frankly, I felt like shit!

For the last couple of years I hadn’t done alot due to concentrating on a new business, a few injuries that stopped me in my tracks and I had really struggled to find something to get my teeth into.

I decided to get back into triathlons as it is something I enjoyed, but just stick to the sprints rather than the longer Olympic distances. I joined a local triathlon club and entered the Eton Super Sprint Triathlon, Culford Sprint Triathlon and London Sprint Triathlon, 3 triathlons I had previously done and enjoyed.

I knew this journey was going to be a tough one and I needed to 1, stay fit and healthy and 2, recover quickly if my body was going to cope with going from doing zero training to training 4 times a week.

I had followed Ben Coomber for a long time on Facebook after connecting with him through my bootcamp business and I have always liked listening to his honest views on his podcast and informative Facebook LIVE videos, so I decided to try out his supplement company Awesome Supplements, who I had heard great things about, starting with Daily Dose and Chocolate Powder.


daily dose awesome supplements

I had taken magnesium and fish oil on and off for a long time so the knew the benefits of taking this supplement and would be key to keeping healthy.

The appeal of Daily Dose was that it had magnesium, omega 3 fats, vitamin D and multi-vitamins in one product.

What I hadn’t prepared myself for was taking 6 tablets in the morning and 6 in the evening!

I soon got into a routine of taking them with breakfast and dinner.

You don’t get any of the fish burps/after taste like you do with some fish oil supplements, apart from the odd night I have slept better, felt better and I haven’t picked up a sniffle or cold since taking them.


awesome chocolate powder

I have always struggled to find a protein powder or recovery drink that is easy to mix and tastes great. It always seem to do one but not the other or they cost the earth.

The taste reminds reminds me of a cross between a dime bar and a Australian drink called Milo that I used to drink as a teenage after training way before I even knew what protein was.

What I love about this product is it mixes really well, tastes great and at just £14 it is exceptional value for money!

You mix the chocolate powder with milk, which normally I wouldn’t drink as dairy usually gives me a upset tummy.

However, the chocolate powder’s special ingrediant is Leucine, which Awesome Supplements say is the anabolic amino acid that is missing from milk and drives maximal recovery after exercise by stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Not sure if it is pyschology or there is something else in the Chocolate powder but I haven’t suffered with a upset tummy either.

But the really benefit here is the recovery. I have rarely suffered with DOM’s after a hard session.


electrolytes awesome supplements

A couple of months into my training water just wasn’t cutting it during training sessions, especially on the double sessions and my coach suggested having some electrolytes instead.

Again, just like the chocolate powder it mixes really well, tastes great and at £8 provides exceptional value for money.

It has definatley given me more energy during training and I feel like I am able to sustain my effort for longer.

I have suffered a couple of times with cramp in my foot in the swim sessions but far less than I had been before using electrolytes.

Their is also a Electrolytes + Carbs option at £16, which I might try on race days.


I have struggled to trust a supplement for a long time but Awesome Supplements have been fantastic and provide huge value for money.

Alot of supplement companies have 1 or 2 great products and then spin off more products from that success or sell stuff just because the profit margins are good but every single Awesome Supplement product I have tried has tasted great, mixed really well and had excellent results.

When they haven’t got it right, they listen to their customers and make the product even better than before.

They are really helpful with any questions I have had or not been sure about via their  Facebook page.

There are not many supplement companies that you can trust, know that they create products based only on proven research and use top of the range ingrediants but Awesome Supplements is one of them.

I haven’t taken any of these supplements to help me lose weight but I have lost 6KG in the process and I wouldn’t put this down to just taking supplements.

The supplements have allowed me to train harder and recovery from training quicker. Encouraged me to eat better alongside the Hello Fresh meals.

I’ve got another 10KG to lose before the London Triathlon in August but I have been really impressed so far.


By being a member of The National Fitness Network I usually save between 5-10% per order. Not a huge amount but considering I only pay £25 a year to be a member of the National Fitness Network it has paid for itself already.


I hope you found my review of Awesome Supplements useful.

Now I would LOVE to know what you think of Awesome Supplements?

Have you used Daily Dose, Chocolate Powder, Electrolytes or any other products by Awesome Supplements?

Let me know by leaving me a comment below


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