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Ayamase Stew and Ofada Rice : Nigeria Dish . Hi there! It has been a while I upload, just been busy with work and my kids. I promise to upload once a week. Thank you for your time. The ayamase stew is green/black in colour and the rice called ofada rice is brown. Just to let you know before hand.  Warning!  The ofada rice has a very strong smell, it smells really bad. you should wash it about 4 times to get rid of the dirty brown colour.  Let’s get cooking INGREDIENT (SERVE 1) Sauce /Stew  2 Big Green Bell Pepper  2 Green Scotch


Sweet Chilli & Garlic : Turkey Breast Stir Fry Hello there gorgeous ! The month of  July is going really fast. Try and achieve something new this month of July.  Quote  of the  Day  ”No one’s gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March ”   by  Earl Weaver The main  part of the ingredient for today post, is sweet  chilli & garlic paste, one of the Blue Dragon’s product. I’m addicted to their products. You can get them at Tesco, not too sure about Dunestores .  INGREDIENTS  1 Tsp Oil  Handful of Mushrooms  1 cup of frozen


Lean Beef : Stir Fry Happy Monday beautiful! I hope you had a great weekend . Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Carol Burnett Quote of the day ! The recipe for today is very simple and easy to make. The Lean beef i used is bought from Lidl, Mushrooms from Lidl and

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