Last week I shared back to school items your forgot about and many seemed to be on top of things. An odd item here or there missing but mostly up to scratch. So if you’re one of those parents who think they have everything then use this post as a checklist. Back to school time can be such a stressful time if you’re not prepared for it. I know some people work best last-minute but not all kids can cope. To save your sanity and that of your family it pays to be organised.

Being organised should not only be restricted to the mums running around like headless chickens. But to the entire family, ensure that you involve the kids in every process to ensure they are ready. I remember as a kid my mum always ensured we helped choose our own school schools and backpacks. We felt very involved and wanted to do more, including going to bed earlier to wake up early.

Another thing that helped was having a Back to School checklist, we are all different so these will be too. Customize the check it to each individual kid and make them responsible for it. Whatever is common for all put somewhere they can all see and utilize. Now that we have that handled, here are the back to school items should have already.

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Back to school items should have  Uniforms or labelled clothes

Apart from senior high, all the schools I went to I had to wear a uniform. In a way it saved my parents money on other clothing but that was no easy feat either. Luckily for my siblings and I my mother is a talented woman who can do anything. If it wasn’t mandatory to buy uniforms, she made them herself and often were better than the school offered.

I remember my brother went through a growth spurt where each term he needed a new uniform. Can you imagine how much that would have cost my parents if they had to buy them. Luckily mother made them for him

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