Collaborative Post

Hey girls! Apologies again for my delay with posting, life has been a bit overwhelming lately!

As you know I never mislead my readers so it’s important that I tell you this is a collaborative post. However I have put my own spin on things and believe and agree with every word.

The main thing I wanted to share with you all today is why it’s important to be an individual and why you shouldn’t follow the crowd. Remember the quote I’m always saying?

‘You were born to be original, don’t be a copy’

All women should aim to find their individual tastes and ensure they never succumb to the latest trends or fashions. When all’s said and done, following the crowd is often the most comfortable option for most people. However, you are never going to feel free and liberated if you make the same moves as every single one of your friends. That is true in many different areas of your life, and so it’s about time you showcased your personality and promoted your style and emotions. There are some ideas below that should help you to make a start.


Design your own clothing

I have thought about doing this for a while but have never had the confidence. But if you think about it you only need a sewing machine, some scissors, and a smidgen of inspiration to design a stunning and unique wardrobe. That could also help to declutter the space because you will throw those old clothes in the bin. Don’t make the mistake of buying clothing from the same high street stores as your friends because that is guaranteed to result in most of you wearing the same brands. How boring is that? Making clothes does not take a long time or require a lot of effort, and so nothing is stopping you from giving it a go. When all’s said and done, all the tips and information you need are freely available online. There are even loads of instructional YouTube videos you can watch if you get stuck when it comes to using the sewing machine.

Customise your look

There are endless ways in which it is possible for you to customise your appearance. I have two sides to me, one which is pink and girly and super feminine, and the other which is dark and gothic. I have many piercings and maybe you too like the idea of adding a belly bar from retailers like Piercing Mania and their competitors? (They sell really cute and pretty body jewellery by the way!) Perhaps you might think about getting a tattoo or two? I’m obsessed with them and have a fair few! While some people tend to look down on those with body modifications, that situation is improving every single day. Even those with tattoos in visible places on their body rarely experience issues when it comes to finding employment these days. So, use your imagination and design something unique that is going to blow your friends away. Don’t let other people’s opinions on them affect what you choose to do.


Invest in shocking hair dyes

Yessss! YOLO! There are no rules when it comes to the colours you can dye your hair according to writers from Look and other prominent magazines. For that reason, many ladies who wish to stand out from the crowd will decide to try weird and unusual dyes. You can do that at home or book an appointment at your local salon. Just don’t act surprised when heads turn as you pass other people on the street. If you’re going to dye your hair pink or blue, there is a decent chance that will attract a lot of attention. Still, at least you won’t look dull like most of the other people out there! My hair has been blue, green, pink, purple and a whole load of wacky styles!

Currently my look is purple/pink hair with a shaved side and la la la la la! I’m loving it!

Whatever you decide to do this year, make sure you avoid the latest trends and try to stand out from the crowd as much as possible. You are an individual with a unique personality and perspective on the world. Don’t try to hide that by shopping at the same stores as everyone else and attempting to “fit in.” You will feel much happier than you otherwise would have done if you think outside of the box and boost those confidence levels by being yourself. Go be you girl!





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