With the arrival of the festive season I have collaborated with chemist.co.uk, an affordable online pharmaceutical and cosmetic retailer. I have been gifted a number of party prep products of my choice to share with you! Attending event’s such as the Adexe Christmas party and the Vuelio blog awards I have certainly put the products to good use!

chemist.co.uk iWhite

 Let’s start with the teeth, being a coffee addict and ahem Smoker ahem, my teeth aren’t the brightest white they could be so I selected iWhites dark stain set, 10 ten trays equalling a 5 day treatment and after day one I noticed I visible difference! The thing with these treatments is that you have to strictly stock to them, so after day five it honestly felt like a I had a brand new set of teeth! I stupidly forgot to take before and after photos so will just have to trust me on this!

chemist.co.uk foot peel

Next pre-treatment I chose was for my feet, a foot peel that exfoliates and softens your feet over 7 days. Yes the results can be utterly disgusting but totally worth it when you have lush soft feet that will look fabulous in those open toe shoes!

chemist.co.uk Magnetic Accents

To be honest, I don’t honestly know why I chose Accents….they looked ridiculous on. This was my first experience with magnetic lashes and they were so easy to apply and I did leave them on around the house for a little while as they didn’t feel they were on securely but the didn’t budge, unfortunately being only accents I decided not to wear them out to events as they did look rather silly but you can get the Ardell Magnetic lashes here

chemist.co.uk lip mask

If you are looking to achieve that luscious, soft lip look then these are the bad boys to use. They feel incredibly weird to use but best used when you also have a face mask on. Due to the slippery jelly texture you will have to lay down to use these lip mask otherwise they are just all over the place. Place them on your lips for 30 minutes and then remove excess for visible soft and plump lips ready for your chosen lippie. Skin Academy’s Hydrating lip mask is a steal for just £1.25!

St Moritz Gift set

If getting your glow on this party season is not for you then why not give the gift of a bronze glow? The St. Moritz ‘The weekender’ can make the ideal gift. With the weather being rather chilly most of us our trying our best keep some colour in our skin by fake tan, this little travel set includes a medium tanning foam, a cleanser and a oil free moisturiser to ensure you get that streak free glow. Best thing about this gift set….it’s only £4.99!

Chemist.co.uk have a wonderful range of gift sets and cosmetics at super affordable prices to help you through the festive season!

What are your party prep must haves?!

Disclosure: All items featured were gifted in return for this feature. all opinions are honest and my own.

Read the full original post here authored by Abigail Kathleen. You can visit her blog here.

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