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Hey Beaut’s.

It feels like it’s been forever since my last blog post.. I’ve had so much going on in life recently but it actually feels good being back. It feels even better being back with such an amazing product to share with you guys and girls. Being someone obsessed with anything beauty related as you I was so within my element being offered the opportunity to review this amazing NEW beauty device.

So my main hobby and passion is of course Makeup as you know, but what a lot of people fail to realise is that skin care is just as important if you want your makeup to sit nicely on your face. A twice daily skincare routine is always advisable for all ages so I can’t stress the importance of getting into that habit as soon as you can if you’re not already!!


So in this post I am introducing to you all the NEW Beglow 3-in-1 Sonic Skincare System in all her beauty – TIA.

TIA is the All-In-One Beauty Device.. The Ultimate skin care treat. The TIA Sonic Skincare System is more than just a regular facial cleansing brush.. TIA effectively Deep Cleanses, Tones the appearance of your skin and lifts.

This innovative device delivers 3-In-1 benefits : Cleansing, Anti Ageing and Dual Pulse Contouring, so if you’re currently looking for all of your skin care needs in one small, compact and handy device.. You’re at the right place!!

So let’s open TIA up and take a look at all her beautifulness!!


For me straight away I was super impressed with the quality of the packaging. The box itself as you can see is very modern and of really good quality, TIA herself is lightly embossed onto the front. I love how you have a tag to the side for ease of sliding her out too.. Nicely thought out packaging.


I have to say here that I sort of didn’t want to disturb TIA at this moment. She’s so small and like i said above COMPACT!! TIA is light, easy to store and could probably even fit into your handbag!! I love the look of TIA. TIA has a glossy finish and because of the way she was designed she fits snugly into your hand very comfortably. TIA has two control buttons – Her indicator lights. Indicator 1 is located close to the White removable and replaceable silicone brush head. And indicator 2 is located close to the Anti-Aging titanium applicator.


So this is TIA’s reverse. This is TIA’s charging point – Which by the way you won’t use often!! One full charge of TIA lasts for up to 6 months!! I was literally blown away by this. Also TIA’s reverse is where you press under your chin for the Dual Pulse Contouring.. We’ll talk more about this function later but let me tell you right here… It’s sooo pampering!!


This is the USB charging cable supplied with the device. I love how it is all so well thought out. Charging TIA couldn’t be simpler, when TIA is charging, her indicator lights will light up at a slow speed for some time. And when TIA is full of energy, her indicator lights will emit a steady glow. When TIA is tired and needs refueling her indicator lights will let you know lighting up at a faster speed! TIA is so clever!!


So here is TIA with all her belongings. She has her own fabric drawstring bag with her owners logo and name BeGlow sewed beautifully into the lower left. She has her user manual, charger and a authenticity card – using this card you are covered with a two-year warranty – also impressing me even further.

Impressed so far? I think we’ve covered just how cute TIA is in appearance.. but now I really want to talk more about what TIA can do for your skin.

My skin has always been looked after well, ever since a young age I have always looked after it as well as i can.. But TIA really has taken my facial skin to the next level and I’m even considering using it on my body.. it’s taken my skin care routine to the next level.. my skin complexion looked more radiant after just the first use and after using it every day for over two weeks it looks healthier and feels so soft ..It’s just simply fantastic!!

TIA Features :

  1.  100% Waterproof..
  2. All-In-One Sonic Beauty Device..
  3. Cleanses, Lifts and Tones..
  4. Dual Pulse Technology..
  5. A Full Charge lasting up to 6 months..
  6. 2 year guarantee..
  7. Replaceable Silicone Brush Head..
  8. Anti-Aging Titanium Applicator..
  9. Gentle Skinsense Technology..
  10. Compact and light..

Functions of TIA :


Cleansing –

TIA has a replaceable silicone brush head for a super hygienic cleansing experience. Removing TIA’s silicone head couldn’t be easier and makes maintaining her hygenic condition a breeze after every use.. her silicone brush head is a great material choice aswell as it will help resist bacteria build up.

TIA allows for a Deep Cleansing experience every time, she removes impurities more effectively than manual cleansing leaving the skin feeling unbelievably clean and fresh morning and night.

I start by wetting the brush head and applying my usual cleansing product, pressing control button one will activate TIA and she will begin vibrating, the pulsation will start once TIA touches your face. The pulsation is adjustable to suit your skin care needs, the pulsation will become more intense if TIA’s control button 1 is pressed again for a second time. You can switch TIA off by further pressing again control button 1.


Anti-Aging –

TIA has her own Titanium head applicator too.. I love it!! It’s truly a very unique sensation but it really does feel great. Titanium is great for improving blood circulation and cell vitality. I like to focus this applicator onto wrinkle prone areas more, but I do use this function all over my face at night. Great to use on areas that require lifting also. The pulsation is very different from any other item i have previously used, and leaves me feeling very relaxed before bed. My pores are definitely reduced in visibility and my skin looks a lot more toned. You can activate TIA’s Anti Aging Titanium applicator by pressing control button 2 once and then again to stop this fuction.

TIA’s third function of Dual-Pulse Contouring takes her to the next level for me.. TIA’s reverse features a twin pulse motor system that generates both high and low pulsations increasing the definition of facial muscles. I love this mode, it feels great and knowing it’s targeting any saggy double chins is even better!! To use press and hold both control button 1 and 2 for a few seconds till the mode activates and to switch off just repeat.. then press TIA upside down either side of your jaw.

TIA’s gentle Skinsense technology allows pulsations to suit your needs, so simply adjust the pulsation rate to suit you!


My personal experience with TIA has been amazing, and I can’t fault her at all. There isn’t one thing i dislike about TIA, she makes skincare morning and night for me so much easier and a nicer experience.. i look forward to my experience with her every morning and night.. My skin is so improved I’m so happy. I can’t believe how amazing my skin feels and looks after just two weeks of using TIA each day.. she’s just perfect in every way. My skin is more toned and lifted, my skin tone has improved and my pores are definitely smaller. I just love how she is so easy to travel with, how compact she is and most of all how she can do it all! The USB charger is also great as she can be charged pretty much anywhere – a full charge is also achieved quickly and i love the 360 rotation of the charger which is achieved because of the magnets used to connect the charging points together.  TIA has been so well thought out with us in mind and i’m confident to say she is revolutionary.. I’m blown away.

TIA can be purchased directly via :

Look Fantastic


She is available in 3 different colours – Black, Pink and White ( White Pictured ) and has a very reasonable £199.00 price tag considering the overall sheer amazing quality.. I would say TIA is worth every penny and more.

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