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In our house, it’s that time of Baby B’s development that brings a lot of dribble and frustration. at just over 3 months old I thought this was an early stage for teething but was amazed to find out that some children are born with some teeth. Thankfully there are some baby teething tools to comfort B and we look at some of the best baby teethers available. The best baby teether we found was the Naturebond toy nibbler and it also doubles as a feeder.

The 5 Best Baby Teethers Naturebond Infant Teething Toy Nibbler Teether 

The beauty of the naturebond infant teething toy is that it doubles as a feeding tool for babies that have just started on solids. The pack comes with two different coloured handles that are perfect for a young babies grip and also there are six silicone teats in three different sizes that come with it.

The design enables the whole unit to dismantle which allows the cleaning of every part. This teething tool is recommended for when babies start out to feed, 4 to 6 months old depending on your preference.

Check It Out Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the Firefly toy by Lamaze doubles as stimulating toy that can be clipped onto prams and car seats and has a pull out teething part attached. There are lots of different sections to the toy to occupy baby and offer some relief to sooth those painful gums. The toy is suitable from birth.

The firefly includes click-clack rings, pull out teether, crinkle wings, discovery mirror, knotties, a squeaker and black and white patterns for baby to explore.

Check It Out


Little BamBam Giraffe Teething Toy

The giraffe toy and teether combo by little Bam Bam have won a trio of awards.

There are different textures which can help with the babies sore gums during a very frustrating time for both parent and child. The teething toy is bigger than others and this allows babies to bite down at their preferred angle to get some relief.

It suitable from birth and is available in a selection of colours. It comes with a free lifetime guarantee and also a free ebook.

Check It Out Newsfana Starfish Teether

The Starfish shaped teether by Newsfana is a textured silicone toy. The shape of the toy helps with the grip on both hands and mouth and enables the baby to discover the best position to provide relief for the aching gums.

The teething toy is available in four different colours and is available from birth.

Check It Out Bonbino Teething Bracelets

The teething bracelets come as a pack of 4 brightly coloured rings. There

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