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It has suddenly gone really chilly around here.

I have seriously been debating putting the heating on. However, it is only September so I am really loathed to click that button on just yet.

So instead of turning on the heat, I’ve been looking for other ways to keep warm. Such as curling up in a blanket and putting on more layers.

As for when I go out, I think it’s about time to think about getting some new boots ready for the colder months.

Fly London YEMI black / Graphite Airstep / A.S.98 NOVA 17 Beige

Fly London Yemi

If you want to add some height to your outfit but aren’t a fan of heels. Then wedges could be your best friend.

Before I completely changed to having to wear flats, I favoured wedges. As for me, they felt more stable and secure than heels and also; I found them to just be so much more comfortable.

Fly London always seem to put a unique twist on their shoes and these Yemi boots are no exception. I absolutely love the stud detailing down the side!

Airstep Nova 17Beige

I have to admit I’ve not owned any Airstep shoes before and I’m not normally one to go for lighter coloured, well anything.

However, this pair jumped off the screen at me. I love the mix of zip detailing and darker straps around the heel.

So I was thrilled to see they also offered them in darker colours. Now it’s just a shame I couldn’t get away with the heel. Perhaps a pair for when I’m in my wheelchair!

Irregular Choice Qucik Getaway Black / Silver Dr Martens JADON Black

Irregular Choice Qucik Getaway

I have long loved Irregular Choice and I adore the fact they are bringing in more styles of flats.

That said I couldn’t not include this pair in this roundup as I am so tempted to buy them just to pop them on a shelf to look at.

I love the silver on black colouring and can imagine for some they will be well loved and worn this upcoming winter season.

Dr Martens Jadon

Fun fact, when I was in my first year of secondary school I had a pair of heeled Dr Martens. One lunchtime I jumped up and flagged a teacher down as I needed a new notebook. On my way back to the table I feel down the 2 steps, amazingly dropping no crisps, but breaking my ankle. Yup, I’m accident prone.

Anyway, I still love Dr Martens, as after all, it was my fault. Though these days I’m more likely to be seen picking up a pair of flats, rather than heels.

This winter sees some awesome choices coming out and I would 100% love to grab a new pair for myself.

So there are 4 pairs of boots, that caught my eye for this winter.

However, how about you, do any of these catch your eye at all?

This is a collaborative post.

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Best Boots for September

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