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The Rolex Submariner is considered the most popular and successful watches all around the world. It was designed for the people who are interested in Scuba diving activities but now it has reached all the sports enthusiasts from soccer, football, Hollywood celebrities and many more. Rolex also sponsors the small sports such as golf, horse racing, and others. There are various Rolex submariner models but the best ones include the following:

1. Rolex Submariner Green:

This watch was launched in 2003 at the 50th anniversary of Submariner line. However, Green Rolex Submariner was discontinued during 2010 which made this model a valued collector’s piece. It was an elegant piece with green coloured unidirectional and rotatable diver’s bezel. Different colourful pieces were also made as an edition option because the watch dial was also green.


It is available in a price range of $8000- $10000 if you plan to invest in 116610LV or 16610V, a unique timepiece.

2. Rolex Submariner 16610”

It is one of the most known watch series from Submariner collection. This model is very popular and is one of the most frequently copied Rolex watches. This watch was produced in 1989 and continued till 2010. Each Rolex Submariner 1660 is made from stainless steel along with the patented Oyster bracelet. This model boasts a black dial which is of 40mm, comprises of luminescent watch hands along with the white gold circle for hour markers. The dial is protected with sapphire crystal which is scratch-resistant. It offers the features of tracking date and automatic movement along with the rotatable, unidirectional time-lapse diver’s bezel.


It is a versatile watch with a perfect overall style and appearance. This model is durably designed and is sporty. You can wear this watch at any time of the day and its range is approximately $5000-$10000.

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3. Rolex Submariner Ceramic:

This Rolex Submariner Ceramic is prepared from stainless steel and that too of high-grade quality. The bracelet links offer a solid base making it more durable with less stretch. These two points are best for buying a Submariner watch.


This watch has a ceramic clasp which is considered as a huge selling feature for buying a watch. It has a patented Glide lock option which allows the wearers to adjust the bracelet according to the wrist. It is named Submariner ceramic due to the ceramic bezel. It is around $7000-$9000 if you plan to buy this model.

4. Vintage Rolex Submariner:

Vintage Rolex Submariner models are the most desired watches of all times all over the world. There are different models of this series which includes 5513, 1680, 6538 and 6200. These watches are unique in its production. The Submariner 1680 was introduced during 1966 and famous for 3mm domed crystal with a Red Subdial.


James Bond wore the Submariner 5513 and made it famous. It has a non-chronometer texture making it unique. This model was manufactured in the 1960’s until the 1980’s. The noticeable features include pyramid-shaped and round-shaped shoulders found in old and latest models respectively. This model owns a high crown.

The submariner 6538 and 6200 was produced in 1954. The 6200 has a large winding crown with a Mercedes wrist set. 6538 is also a model with the over-sized crown. These models are very unique with their price range above $25000.


Choose your favourite Rolex Submariner model considering the features, the price range, and your budget.


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