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Hi all , my last post was all about my birthday shopping trip but I covered mainly clothing! Although i am like most girls and love a good clothing shopping trip makeup and beauty is definitely more me! So that is what we are going to cover today!! I literally have so much coming up here on my blog including a lot of reviews for companies so i figured getting this particular post out the way now – would be the perfect idea!!

I picked up quite a few things in Primark I just LOVE this shop!!!


The Primark Matte Lipsticks are just lush! They don’t dry the lips out, their affordable and long-lasting – I love a good matte lippy! For years and years i never even tried using an eyelash curler. For this past year i haven’t been able to resist using every single day. I don’t know why i never used one before – they really do give your eyelashes a lovely flirtatious flick! I’m not sure on the glitters, it’s like a gel, feels nasty on the skin and if you blend slightly the glitter starts to stick together in one place = not a pretty look! I have always been a fan of the Primark masks and scrubs.. they always leave my face feeling super clean and refreshed as well as cared for! They really help make a lovely pamper evening! The brow gel is not really anything special! It does what all brow gels do.. which i guess is good with it being sooooooo super dooper cheap.


Ohhhh, I love nose studs…… not quite as much as nose rings but i have a huge selection. I popped into the Blue Banana and picked these two-three packs. I just love them!!


So here’s my number one item! My phone is literally my life and I can’t go one hour without it! I decided to buy some new phone cases and i have to say the pink glittery one is by farrrrr my favourite!! It’s styling my phone right now!!


I have wanted to try this for sooooo long! Everyone has been talking about and it’s just so cool! It smells so good and really does leave a lovely long-lasting tint on your lips… I’ll do a blog post on this more in-depth soon!!


I am obsessed with hand sanitizer! Like literally, I just love sanitizing my hands using the most gorgeous smelling ones. The popcorn one is from Primark and probably one of the yummiest i have ever bought! It literally smells edible – but obviously it isn’t! The vanilla i purchased from Peacocks and smells sooooooo good but the scent doesn’t last too long after using unlike the Primark one!


Dermacol is amazing! I just love it, it literally hides everything you can’t go wrong. As well as that it really evens out the skin tone.. my makeup always looks fabulous when I use this! The Maybelline products we’re gifted to me from my lovely brother! He always knows what to buy his big sis!! Thank you darling, i love the shocking blue – so me!! 🙂  Also, with writing a blog and always having lots of notes i need to write down i saw this gorgeous unicorn inspired writing book – it just had to be mine!!


And to finish this post, I wanted to personally thank a lovely friend of mine for treating me to the above gorgeous makeup products! She spoilt me and she really is such a lovely girl – thank you sweetheart!! The eyeshadow palette is so me with the bright out there colours and i love everything – mwah!! Thank you baby girl xxx

I purchased so much more stuff.. to the point of having a huge box of products I need to get pictures etc of! A life in the world of beauty is never-ending and i love it! I hope everyone is keeping well i can’t believe how quickly the year has flown by!

I’ll catch you all here again soon, love to you all XXX


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