Hi loves. I have been meaning to write this for a while – I have just had so much other stuff going on but i thought i would do this today – FINALLY!

For my birthday this year I decided to go shopping! I live in Wales so i went to popular Swansea with my husband and brother and was spoilt! This post could be long.. but mainly containing pictures… I have a bunch of pictures for you all!!


I might separate this into clothing than any makeup and other bits. Because otherwise it’ll be super long, so lets just see what clothing bits I got!!


First picture I picked up the Harley T-shirt in Blue Banana. I love Harley and this T-shirt is super comfortable and from Primark i picked up two pairs of ripped jeans – black and blue! These are skinny jeans as well so they give a nice looking ass and super comfy!! The second picture omg, i fell in love with this Faux Leather bottoms.. ass looks cracking and really comfortable to wear.


You can see slightly the wet look leggings as well.. omg, they are that comfortable you can literally sleep in them!! This is my kind of style 🙂


I love faux leather jackets – I own quite a few. This is Faux Leather as well which i picked up in Primark.. It’s pretty plain and basic unlike some of my others but it’s lush and comfortable and smart none the less.


Socks and Pj’s! Literally obsessed, I have a confession to make.. i kind of own maybe over 100 pairs of Pj’s.. including nighties, sexy little outfits, shorts and vest sets and more wintery sets nice and thick. Queen Bee just jumped out at me so i had to have them, lol! I also have a sock weakness, i pretty much hate rewearing even after washing, and when i seen the Beauty and the Beast & Harry Potter ones in Primark i couldn’t resist!!


Underwear!! My favourite.. So some of these were bought from Peacocks and the black sexyness is from Ann Summers. I loveeee Ann Summers, I love sexy underwear ..  while i was in Ann Summers i did also pick up some other things for the bedroom – lol! But i figured they wouldn’t really fit this blog but i had alotttttt of fun!


My love for Marilyn Monroe is no secret! She is my idol – stunning true beauty she’s my lady-love. So here are some scarfs and new purses.. I just love her!

I also picked up a bunch of other pj’s including unicorn ones which I couldn’t resist wearing long enough to take pictures, teeheehee!

I shopped alotttt more, including phone cases, skin care, makeup etc which I will write about in my next blog post!! So stay tuned, love you guys and girls XXX


Read the full original post here authored by Zoe Smith. You can visit her blog here.

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