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Artefact Concept II – Bespoke Food Supplements

Concept II (Anti-Aging & Aesthetics) was developed using research from around the world. Artefact’s dedicated research team studied different cultures and natural ingredients to find the most effective solution that could help the body heal itself and halt the aging process. The result was a revolutionary formula featuring the exclusive adaptogenic plants from around the world.

Individual cultures have been working with natural ingredients for thousands of years, often optimized through trial & error or coincidences. They focused primarily on protecting and defending the body against natural stress by mobilizing and optimizing existing resources in our body, therefore indirectly nurturing natural beauty. Example: our formula aims on stabilizing the entire organism: improve healing and regeneration processes, strengthen, protects etc. Therefore: “Beauty from Within”.

The Only Combination In the Market

Concept II is possible the only product in the market with this combination. Ingredients are studied, tested, and observed by Artefact’s very own medical team. The ingredients are Ashwagandha, Biotin, Gotu Kola, Kalawalla, Rhodiola, Seabuckthorn, Silica and Vitamin K2.

The ultimate difference between Artefact Concept II and other products that aim to accomplish the same goal is that Concept II works from within. For example, instead of taking a collagen supplement, Concept II helps the body increase its own natural collagen production.

The human body needs to be in a de-stressed, resilient, if possible balanced form to enable optimal prevention of premature aging; Concept II does not stop at promoting Beauty, it also helps to defend, protect, repair and strengthen the organism. In short, the formula aims also to keep both body and mind in harmonious state.

How It Works?

There are 4 levels of combined effects:

Level 1 (Baseline)

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, a revered herb of the ayurvedic system with proven anti-stress effects and enhancement in performance. Role in Concept II is anti-oxidating, de-stressing, stabilizing and ultimately balances the entire organism, reduces cortisol levels, boost capacity and thus a step against premature aging.

Level 2

Rhodiola, also known as Artic Rose. Its role is stimulating, anti-oxidating and resilience. Enable the organism to fight against mental and physical fatigue and thus, another step to prevent premature aging.

Level 3

Gotu Kola, in use since three thousand years ago; chemical composition shows effects in improved healings of minor wounds like skin blemishes, eczema or even burns, it has promising anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, in cosmetology usage may have positive effects on reduction of cellulites, scars and striae. Lastly, induction of collagen production.

Level 4

Kalawalla, its role is natural sunscreen e.g. against UV-induced skin damages, also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant thereby protecting the outermost layer of skin against hazards, also known to relieve skin symptoms like flaking, irritation, redness and itching.

Round-up with Biotin, Vitamin K2, Silica and Seabuckthorn, each in their respective properties as augmentation/enhancement to promote aesthetic e.g. hair, nails, skin etc.

What Is Beauty From Within?

Beauty from Within is a concept based on the properties of the above-mentioned adaptogens. The questions asked were “what causes ageing?”, “how to boost resilience?”, “how to boost production of significant proteins and repair damages?” and “how to protect?” Imagine your entire organism in 4 levels based on the questions above and that’s where and how the adaptogenic effects are supposed to work.

“What causes ageing?”

The modern society is loaded with internal and external stressors e.g. work, family, trends, the food we eat, seasonal changes and yes, even the air we breathe. Ashwagandha’s long-term role is, therefore, absolute stress reduction through processes like reducing cortisol levels, antioxidation etc. Now we have a relatively stabilized organism; stress levels are overall reduced and the body is well balanced.

“How to boost resilience”

After making sure the body stress level is reduced, thereby indirectly fighting against premature ageing, the focus is now shifted to how to strengthen the body because, as we all know, stressors will always be around. Hence, Rhodiola’s (and partially of Ashwagandha) long-term role is enabling our organism to fight back, to withstand e.g. through processes like antioxidation, reduction of mental and physical fatigue, performance enhancement etc. At this point, we are looking at an organism that is de-stressed and resilient. But Beauty isn’t just prevention of premature ageing, thus the question:

“How to boost production of significant proteins and repair damages?”

Since the process of premature ageing may have been greatly delayed, the idea is to boost the production of important proteins that have been slowed down through “natural ageing”. At this point, Gotu Kola’s role is quite simple. This adaptogen has been known to improved wound healing e.g. eczema, minor skin blemishes, and reduction of scars formation, striae or even cellulites. This adaptogen boost collagen production. At this stage, we have a stress reduced, resilient, corrective organism which also enhances production of proteins that are essential in cosmetology. However, especially in medicine, the belief is “prevention is better than cure” and this leads us to:

“How to protect?”

Kalawalla’s role is based mostly on the outermost part of the organism and acts as natural sunscreen against UV rays (sun cream is still important!) but it also shows corrective properties and has been known also to relieve skin symptoms like itching, redness, flaking, restore pigmentation and antioxidation.

In addition, to aid the effects of the adaptogens, Vitamin K2, Biotin, Silica and Seabuckthorn are added as augmentation; imagine a beautiful surface with a few holes and cracks and that is where these last components are supposed to fill.

Artefact Laboratory’s Vision

Our lifestyle changes rapidly with the influence of technology advancement, diet trends, work factors, and many other aspects. Our body today may not need the same food supplements like decades ago; we may need different ones that are relevant to our current lifestyle. Hence, we believe innovation and consistent research is utmost important for creating an up-to-date food supplements that providing what we actually need to encounter our challenging daily routine. Indeed, no food supplements are able to substitute a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our vision is to create a full range of daily supplements that help cope with our modern lifestyle with an innovative concept.

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United Kingdom

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Getting to keep the product

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