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ONE Condoms

Blogging assignment: ONE Condoms - New research reveals the nation's sexual curiosities (UK bloggers) - Closes 08/31/2017

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We’re in the midst of a second sexual revolution. It has never been more acceptable to express your true sexual self with confidence. This is ONE’s world. We’re on a mission to break down sexual barriers, encouraging open conversations about sex and sexuality and developing products that make safer sex more fun.

ONE is a global maker of some of the world’s best condoms and lubes. We’ve been available in the US for over a decade, where we’re the fastest growing condom brand, selling over 102 million condoms annually. ONE launched in the UK in May 2017 and is exclusively available at Superdrug.

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We would love for you to check out ONE Condoms whilst using the latest research to support your feature.


New research lifts the lid on UK

sexual curiosity across 50 towns and cities.


Exactly 50% of young adults in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, asked if they’d had sex with both men and women, said yes. By contrast, just 5% in Dudley said they had.

When asked which character aspects best described the ideal lover, 80% of people in St Albans agreed with ‘kinky’ while just 13% of people in Derry agreed.

These and other findings are revealed today by ONE Condoms following research into sexual curiosity carried out among 2,000 18-24-year-olds across 50 British town and cities, from Aberdeen to Plymouth, Derry to Chelmsford.

Just 13% of people in Derry agreed with the statement “I’d try most things once”, while two-thirds (66%) of the people in Sunderland agreed.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks ‘anything goes’ sexually, you’re most likely to find a like-mind in Carlisle or Edinburgh, where 36% agree, or in Walsall where 34% agree.

If you would describe yourself as ‘very sexually curious’, you’re most likely to find your dream lover in Warrington where 69% agreed with the statement, Blackpool (68%) or St Albans (60%). But avoid York, where just 8% of people agreed.


The five cities with most people describing themselves as the sexually adventurous are:

1st – Hull (77%)

2nd – Plymouth (68%)

3rd = Newcastle & Newport (66%)

4th = Dundee, Exeter & Norwich (63%)

5th = Middlesborough, Northampton & Sheffield (61%)


The five cities where people are least likely to describe themselves as sexually adventurous are:

1st – Sunderland (16.7%)

2nd – Cambridge (28%)

3rd – York (31%)

4th – Wrexham (38%)

5th = Lisburn, Peterborough & Walsall (33%)


The research also asked whether respondents preferred dominant or submissive sexual positions. Lisburn in Northern Ireland topped the list for preferring submissive positions (50% said this was their preference) while Derry topped the list for cities most preferring dominant sexual positions (47% said this was their preference).

If making a sex video with your partner is your thing, avoid Northern Ireland where just 13% of people in Derry and just 16% of people in Belfast want to try it; but do head to Sunderland where a whopping 66% of people want to try it.

If you’d rather have sex in a public place, head to Blackpool where 66% want to try this, and avoid Wolverhampton and Carlisle where just 7% and 9% of young adults respectively want to try it.

And lastly, if you’ve enjoyed the 50 Shades series of books and films and want to be a bit more Christian Grey or Anna Steele, head to Dundee which has the highest number of 18-24-year-olds willing to try masochism (88%) and second highest saying they try sadism (75%). But avoid York where just 16% would be up for either!

ONE condoms ambassador, registered couples counsellor and Big Brother’s Bit on the Side resident sexpert, Annabelle Knight said; “Who knew! It sounds like there’s quite a lot of naughty fun to be had in most British towns and cities, but it’s fascinating to know why there so many doms in Derry and so many subs in Lisburn!

“York seems like maybe the people there need to loosen up a little and why the people of Hull are SO much more sexually curious than their neighbours in Sunderland I’m not quite sure!

“If you’re exploring your sexuality and expressing yourself sexually, it’s critical that you’re doing it because you want to, not feeling peer pressured into anything. Not only do you need to protect yourself from STIs but you need to protect yourself emotionally. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you are as sexually curious as your partner. If it’s a no from one of you, it has to be a no from both of you!”

Louise Ball from ONE condoms, said; “Being sexually experiential is a key part of young people’s sex lives wherever they live, working out what they like and don’t like and being open to trying new things. Sexuality is rapidly developing, changing and shifting in every town and city in the country.

“It’s being fuelled by a whole host of things including reality TV shows and dating apps with their ever-turning carousel of options which people can keep spinning until finding someone who’ll give them sexual satisfaction.

“Whatever you’re into and whoever you’re into it with, it has to be consensual and condoms are a must-have for keeping you protected from the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and picking up STIs.”

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Lifestyle, parenting, sex & relationships

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United Kingdom

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Getting to keep the product

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Sharing the blog across large social channels
ONE Condom product

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1-2 weeks after receiving the product/item to review or email agreement to proceed.

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