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Superdrug’s Some Body range

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We’re looking for bloggers to review Superdrug’s new and exclusive Some Body range while incorporating the below new research. If you’ve made health/fitness/wellbeing resolutions this year, this could be perfect for you!

For 6 out of 10 Brits a simple compliment in January is the way to stay motivated with New Year goals, but 1 in 4 Brits don’t receive any compliments in an average week! In a month when most of us will need motivating, research shows that 66% of us will fall off the bandwagon within the first month of setting a resolution.*

Dr Becky Spelman, Registered Practitioner Psychologist & member of BABCP backs the findings, saying, “…when it comes to getting fit, losing weight, or focusing on our health, positive feedback is a lot more useful than a set of numbers from an electronic device. Hearing that we are looking good from people, and that the time and effort we have invested in our health are bearing fruit, actually spurs us on to do even more.”

Superdrug’s new Some Body range focuses on healthy snacks, drinks and protein to help keep you feeling great through the day. Stay on top of your health and fitness goals while enjoying the delicious range!

From the below, please choose three to review:
– Some Body Whey Protein (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla)
– Some Body Pancake Mix
– Some Body Banana Protein
– Some Body Popcorn (Sweet & Salty, Salty)
– Some Body 14 Day Teatox

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The full research below…

The trick to sticking with New Year goals…? A simple compliment

New research from Superdrug reveals that for six out of 10 Brits the simple act of giving and receiving compliments is actually the answer when it comes to keeping motivated with New Year goals.

With 88% believing more compliments need to be given in January than any other month to encourage, inspire and motivate during the bleak cold winter.

And yet, despite the clear importance of compliments for staying motivated, one in four Brits don’t receive ANY compliments in the average week.

Dr Becky Spelman, Registered Practitioner Psychologist & member of BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies), said: “Research shows positive feedback is far more useful compared to when poor performance is pointed out. Similarly, when it comes to getting fit, losing weight, or focusing on our health, positive feedback is a lot more useful than a set of numbers from an electronic device.

“Hearing that we are looking good from people we care about, and that the time and effort we have invested in our health are bearing fruit, actually spurs us on to do even more.”

The findings support this view with people believing that compliments are important because it can help motivate those they care about, with a quarter of those surveyed saying this was the main reason they gave a compliment.

However, the findings also show that the way that we complement each other has evolved with hashtags and emojis now being the more popular way to say something positive to someone.

The most popular emojis in 2017 were:
1st – Love Heart Eyes
2nd – Thumbs Up
3rd – Clapping
4th – Stars
5th – Crown
6th – Strong Arm
7th – Fire
8th – Geek
9th – Fist Pump
10th – Rocket

Most popular hashtags are:
1st – #beautiful
2nd – #greatwork
3rd – #supersmart
4th – #sexy
5th – #Yougogirl
6th – #goodlad
7th – #yougotthis
8th – #slay
9th – #WCW

Superdrug’s ambassador Dr Becky Spelman continues: “Paying one another compliments is one of the important ways in which we bond with others. Paying compliments is a normal and healthy aspect of establishing and maintaining a positive social network. Naturally as our social network is increasingly online so will the compliments we pay each other.”

Despite the evolutionary importance of compliments, we’re not always great at giving or receiving them with a staggering 86% of people agreeing compliments can often appear to be insincere.

Unsurprisingly three out of 10 have Donald Trump as the least sincere public figure, and Taylor Swift being perceived as more sincere when giving a compliment than The Queen!

Research respondents were also asked to listen to audio clips and rate their sincerity. Results proved that tone of a compliment and how heavily laden it is with adjectives is key.

Dr Becky Spelman explains: “Colloquial language is likely to have a bigger impact than technical, as it is more likely to appeal to our emotions. Hearing someone you care about say, ‘You’re looking super-hot today!’ resonates more than a straightforward, ‘You’re good-looking.’ The words suggest that our friend is having a visceral, emotional response to our appearance, and our reaction is likely to mirror that response.”

Where you live will have an effect on how many compliments you’ll get, with the highest proportion of the Welsh giving out 21+ compliments per week, compared to Scotland who had the highest proportion of giving 0 compliments per week.

Being able to accept a compliment varies significantly between the sexes. 68% of women admit that they find it difficult to accept a compliment because it doesn’t match how they feel about themselves or they feel awkward compared to 49% of men.

For women, appearance tops the tables for compliments they would like to receive. Whereas emotional intellect is the most important complement for men with 20% of the vote. Guys are far more keen to be seen as funny over females with 18% of guys looking for the laughs vs 10% of ladies.

Superdrug’s Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman continues: “Traditionally, women have been far more judged on their appearance than men. Even today, with a much higher degree of gender equality.

“Conversely, men are expected to display social and work skills that establish dominance. Being funny is one positive way in which a man can establish himself as a dominant member of his social group. By complimenting his sense of humour, women and other men can form a bond with someone who is considered an important member of their social network.”

Michael Henry, Healthcare Director, “New Year goals can often seem very daunting this time of year, we all know that feeling of receiving a compliment and the difference it can make to our mood and motivation.

“At Superdrug we are encouraging everyone to give more compliments through January and we have a whole host of products to help you stick with New Year goals, whether it’s diet, fitness or stopping smoking – you’ve got this!”


Omnibus research carried out among 2000 adults by One Poll, December 2017.

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