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Martha Jackson

UK jewellery lovers needed to review silver vintage lockets. Closes 09/09/2017 | Bloggers Required, influencer & blogger outreach community.

Please tell us about the product or company you would like the blogger’s help with?

We offer premium sterling silver jewellery at affordable prices. All of our jewellery is either designed and made by us, or, cherry picked from artisan jewellery makers to bring you the best designs we can. We love designing and working with these jewellers, who offer unrivalled quality and a passion which is second to none.

Honesty and integrity are key to us and by building relationships with our jewellery makers and seeing the workmanship that goes into developing our ranges, we can offer you beautiful jewellery collections inspired by nature and elegance that are truly timeless.

What is the blogging assignment?

We’ve been gaining in popularity for the last two years and believe now is the time to work with a tribe of passionate jewellery lovers to bring the story of our products to life.

Our engravable silver lockets are a customer favourite and we’d like you to review the craftsmanship and quality on your blog in return for a locket of your choosing.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred locket, you’ll need to tell us what you’d like engraved as a personal message on your item. We’ll send you the locket in a gift box and would like for you to tell your followers what you’ve found special about the product and our service, along with the story behind your personal message.

[An important thing to note is that we do all of the engraving on site! Our talented engraver (Marco) sets to work on his engraving machine the minute your order hits his desk. All the team love to see the beauty of his work and how he makes each special message stand out so wonderfully].

Our products make for great photos, so we’d like you to take a few to compliment your blog and to use for promoting on your social media channels, which we’ll re-post if you tag us.

We’re not a one-time only kinda brand, and would like to find a few bloggers to work with on an ongoing basis (we have a great assignment planned for Christmas, with lovely crimbo treats for you to enjoy) so if you think we’re a good fit, apply for this assignment.

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to working with you!

What type of blogs are you looking for?

Fashion and jewellery preferably, but lifestyle blogs will also be considered.

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:

United Kingdom

How might you compensate the blogger?

Getting to keep the product

How else might you compensate the blogger?

We’d like to build ongoing relationships with plenty of opportunities to be rewarded for your advocacy in the future. We also have almost 10,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram that we would share your content with.

When would the blogger need to complete and publish the blogging assignment by?

1-2 weeks after receiving the product/item to review or email agreement to proceed.

Assignment close date:


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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.


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