Blogging without Internet: How to Spend a Blogger Break

We are all human, and we all have our own lives outside the blogosphere, and because I am taking one, today I would like to compile a list of things you can do for your blog during a blogger break. We are often plastered to our laptops whilst pursuing what for many of us is more than just a hobby, but this is not always necessary. So even if you’re not going on a break, here are seven things you can do, without your laptop.

1) Make a list of post ideas for when you are feeling uninspired. That way you can put extra creativity into a format that you can use in the future, when you are lacking some. I always keep a notebook with me so I can note down ideas (and, as many of you may know, to write down dreams I remember after waking up).

2) Pre-write some posts. There is no need to publish them just yet. This links with my previous point: preparing is never a bad thing. Just be sure that whatever you post is up to date, and that there is still recent truth in them. If your post is about how you’re feeling sad, for example, and you’re not even sad, then I suggest thinking twice before you publish.

3) Take your phone with you and share your adventures on Instagram. Use apps to your advantage: by setting up a ‘portable blog’, you can meet new people, and keep your followers up to date with what you’ve been doing while you’re not on the blog. Follow my recently made blog-insta account here!

4) Get creative and do a DIY. DIYs make great blog posts, and I can guarantee people will love reading about -and trying out- your project! Just don’t forget to snap some photos while you’re busy!

5) Edit photographs that you think are worth the cut to go on your blog. I often copy pictures I like and put them in a separate folder with photos I want to use for my blog. Again, remember to post mostly recent things. I am a strong believer that you should be honest with your followers: don’t post photographs you took five years ago and claim you took them yesterday. To be on the safe side, add a date. :)

6) Go on a trip! Blogging is about more than just sitting in your room and writing. Go somewhere special, and take some photographs, so you can share the experience later. (I am feeling like such a hypocrite now… I’m sorry that I don’t go to special places a lot… wait for summer… I’ll practically be travelling the world! *coughs*)

7) I’ve also heard that autoshare accounts are useful. I can’t say much about this, though, because I prefer doing things manually, but if it’s helpful for others, it might be helpful for you!

Are you taking a blogger break soon?

Guest blog post by:

My name is Yasmine, and I am teen blogging over at Cloudy. I love creating new stuff, and meeting new people, so be sure to stop by. :)





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