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When ever we want a fun night out with kids we struggle on what to do. That is until we discovered how much fun it is to take the kids bowling.

A Few months ago our friends invited us out bowling we said we can’t really as we have no one to look after the children. They suggest we bring them along as where we where going to was setup for children and they could join in.

So along we go and to our surprise they had ramps and lightweight bowling balls for the kids, and Carpeted lanes so no having to find bowling shoes that did not really fit and had be worn by 1000 people before you. It was light and welcoming with fun kids music playing.

To add to the fun every time you got a strike or a spare you win tickets that you could redeem for prizes at the end. Needless to say the kids had fun and so did we.

Our bowling alley also offers food, they where so helpful in finding something Oscar could eat as I’m sure your all aware he’s dairy intolerant. I honestly can’t fault them

Best of all was the price only £3.50 a game per a person. (correct at the time of writing)  Visit to see there latest offers

There is also a number of amusements that they could play on from penny fools to grabber machines.

Heres so photos from our night of fun we be going back again for sure.

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