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On Wednesday 16th August we took a trip down to Bowood House and Gardens, although situated less than an hour away from where we live I have never actually been there myself. I brought along my younger brother who had attended a birthday party there a few years prior and also Shaniah and my mum was playing taxi for the day.

Shaniah woke up at the crack of dawn the look of sheer excitement filled her face as all week she has been asking if today is the day we are going to see Tractor Ted’s little farm and today I could finally say yes!

We got dressed, filled Shaniah’s bag full of change of clothing because she is now in pants and packed a packed lunch. We loaded up the car and I did a quick run around to make sure that I had everything for my camera, entered in the postcode and we were off! We were all extremely excited by this point and we all had different bits that we wanted to see, mum couldn’t wait to see the house, Ashley couldn’t wait to see the Adventure playground, Shaniah couldn’t wait for the soft play and I couldn’t wait to check it all out.

A few moments later, the Sat-Nav alerted us that we had arrived at our destination, however all we could see were new build houses… That was when I noticed a street sign called Bowood view! Thanks Sat-Nav! We got out of the cul-de-sac and drove on our way – again! After a short amount of time we noticed a massive Bowood sign and we all let out a hurray! We pulled into a lane and we had arrived! It was so easy to get to once you know where you’re going!

Bowood opens ar 11am however the cafe opens at 10:30am so if you arrive a little early then you can have a nice coffee to gear you up for the day ahead! We arrived at just gone 11 meaning that we were able to go straight in. We were shocked by just how many cars were already there, we knew that it was a very popular place but that was an understatement. After we had our tickets we then took a trip to the cafe where Ashley and mum had “one of the tastiest coffee’s” they have had in a while, Whilst Shaniah had a fruit shoot and I went for fresh apple juice by Bowood which was absolutely gorgeous!

Refreshed and the little ones armed with their activity books we were ready to go explore!Bowood House and Gardens

We got out the map and we were taken aback by just how big Bowood actually is! It is massive, our first stop was the soft play area which can also be hired out as part of your child’s birthday party in the themes

  •  Tractor Ted
  • Pirates
  • Fairies

Bowood House And GardensBowood house and gardens

After spending a good few minutes in the soft play we then carried on our journey and took a walk to the house.

Bowood house is a lot, lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, I mean I knew it was going to be big but it was huge!bowood house and gardensbowood house and gardensBowood house and gardensBowood house and gardens

We were allowed to go inside the property however we weren’t allowed to take photographs or videos of the inside which is totally understandable. It was totally gorgeous inside and the little ones were mesmerised by just how many books there were, they were also a little freaked out by their rug! There were so many paintings and I for one would hate to be the one who dusts!  You are able to go upstairs however we didn’t on this occasion because we had too much luggage including a pram.

Once we had made our way around the house and got ourselves some souvenirs from the gift shop we then took a walk around the garden, it seemed never-ending but it was so beautiful! Ashley loves gardening and he was pointing out the flowers that he’d love in his garden.

We then threw money into the fountain outside the entrance of the house. Shaniah absolutely loved doing this, which was no surprise as she loves throwing money away!

Bowood house and gardensbowood house and gardens

After all our loose change had been thrown into the fountain we headed off for a spot of lunch. We brought a packed lunch with us however, we didn’t realise that there were cafe served food that the fussy eaters actually liked until we stopped earlier for a drink. We made our way to the picnic area and unloaded on a bench near the adventure playground. Adventure playground is huge actually I think huge is a massive understatement! It completely drowns you out! Ashley didn’t eat much however, as he was totally taken in by the playground.

bowood house and gardensBowood house and gardens

A few hours passed and both Shaniah and Ashley were getting tired and I was far from surprised. So we decided to take a walk around Tractor Ted’s little farm.bowood house and gardenbowood house and gardensTractor Ted Little FarmBowood house and gardensBowood house and GardensBowood house and gardensbowood house and gardensbowood house and gardens

Upon leaving the little farm the youngsters stumbled across ride on diggers that just had to be tried out!

Bowood House and gardens

By this time Shaniah was getting tired so we decided to call it a day. We absolutely loved our trip to Bowood house and gardens and will certainly be back. Although the car park was full of cars there is so much land here that you really don’t feel like the park is rammed, which makes your time here so much more relaxing as you aren’t constantly trying to dodge people. It is a truly amazing day out with thousands of opportunities to make memories that last a lifetime. The staff here are incredibly helpful and approachable with the biggest of smiles. The youngsters are already asking when we will be returning to the playground.

Bowood really is the place to go for a family day out that you will never forget. whether you are 1 or 81 there is something here for everyone.  If you feel like a trip to Bowood is very much needed you’ll find the link to their website here, where you will see all the latest info on special events that are happening!

*Disclaimer: We were given complimentary entry in return for this post. All opinions and photo’s are my own and Bowood has had absolutely no say in what i have written. You will find no affiliate links here!*

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