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Hey everyone!
I am xBeautyLusciouSx’s husband and this is my very first blog post on here, so welcome and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed this product that I am going to talk to you about.

So at the end of 2018 my wife noticed that were looking for bloggers to try their new venture. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s CBD oil!
I myself have been using CBD oil for almost 2 years now so I have a little more experience with this than my beautiful wife, that’s why I am here today writing this blog post.

So 5 years ago I was finally diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, ever since diagnosis I have struggled with pain management! Right now I am on a mixture of immune suppressant and a concoction of very strong painkillers which do work, just not enough so I supplement my painkillers with CBD oil.
As you can guess, I was very excited when my wife told me about the opportunity to try out this CBD oil. was generous enough to send us a full size bottle of their 300mg full spectrum organic sativa CBD oil (, it arrived in a padded envelope within 24 hours! The bottle is a brown, thick-walled glass dropper bottle. The label has the usual information like company, ingredients, website and dosage.

So lets get to the oil itself!

The ingredients are 2,000mg full spectrum organic hemp sativa extract of which 300mg is CBD (cannabidiol) and 8g organic hemp seed oil, oils I’ve tried previously all had olive oil as the carrier oil which gives it a very strong taste which could last a couple of hours after use but the organic hemp seed oil is completely different, compared to olive oil it is really mild in taste and doesn’t hang around long. The scent is obviously hemp which is slightly earthy but not over powering like some brands.


As you can see the oil is a dark brown and the oil is quite thin, so it’s almost like water. The dosage for the first 3 days is 4-8 drops per day, then for the next 7 days 10-20 drops per day so your body can get used to the CBD, after 10 days the dosage is 10-200 drops per day depending on your needs but the 300mg has a daily limit of 50 drops. have 3 different strengths of their CBD oils. First up is the 3% CBD for sensitive people and beginners which are sold as 300mg 10ml dropper bottle and a 600mg 20ml spray bottle. Next is their 5% CBD which is a medium strength, great for most people for maintaining health and they are sold as a 500mg 10ml dropper bottle and a 1,000mg 20ml spray bottle. The third range is their 10% CBD Gold which is sold as a 1,000mg 10ml dropper bottle and a 2,000mg 20ml spray bottle. They also do have a 17% CBD paste which is their strongest CBD product suitable for an extra boost which is sold as a 1,500mg 10ml syringe everything is available from here and while you’re there use code: BEAUTY20 for a massive 20% discount on your shop and free delivery.

On their website they also sell a CBD muscle rub which contains 14% CBD paste and 30g bars of chocolate which is 70% cacao and their 5% CBD oil and is 100% vegan. They also have their lab tests on their website that shows the full analysis of their CBD oil, paste and also the proof that it is actually organic. also have a section that answers your questions about CBD oils, like what CBD is and all the legal questions you may have.

I know I have been going on for a while now but now I will get down to the oil benefits! So as I mentioned before I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a form of rheumatoid arthritis, I am on Humira injections which is an immune suppressant so straight away the CBD oil is fantastic immune booster which reduces the risk of infection and disease, it is also really good for reducing inflammation, easing muscle and joint pain (and in my experience headaches and migraines). CBD is also great for people with insomnia, psoriasis and eczema. A lot of people have also reported that it is really good for anxiety and depression, I could go on about the benefits for ever because there is a very long list but I don’t think I have enough room on here to post them all!

After reading the testimonials on Trustpilot ( you get a real feeling that have the customers as top priority to provide top quality product at amazing prices and not to mention the FREE DELIVERY ON EVERYTHING!

OK so a quick roundup, the 300mg didn’t really help with my usual pain which didn’t surprise me but it greatly helped with the headaches I get from my painkillers and as a bonus it stopped my involuntary muscle spasms! I would definitely recommend this to friends and family and I will be looking to try the 10% CBD Gold 1,000mg very soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to for giving us this opportunity to try their amazing CBD oil, really impressed with the customer service and top quality products.


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