When I was asked which of Bundlebean’s new buggy organisers I’d like to try on William’s wheelchair I immediately went for the flamingos, not very boyish I know but is it really for him or is it actually for me?!

I mean it’s not his Starbuck’s that’s going to be in there is it?  And he’s only 8 so he doesn’t have a phone or any keys to carry in it, so it’s really for me right?  Like an alternative handbag?  Well that’s how I’m justifying my choice anyway because I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it on their Facebook page.

Bundlebean currently have 4 designs to choose from, all of which are not only gorgeous but also coordinate with their range of buggy and wheelchair blankets. 

They attach to the handlebar of any wheelchair or pushchair really easily using Velcro straps, and they are compatible with both 1 and 2 handled chairs which means they are ideal for bigger wheelchairs once your child is past the ‘buggy’ size chair.  Because it is so easy to attach, you can easily remove it if you need to pop it in a bag etc.

You can close the organiser with a popper to prevent easy access to your belongings and there is also a secret, velcro fastened, pocket for your valuables which is ideal for your phone.

The main thing that I think sets this apart from other organisers is the fact it can hold 2 drinks so I no longer have to struggle to push Williams chair one handed while carrying my beloved Starbucks.   

In the past I’ve found that other organisers like this have been too shallow to safely hold a drink and they have ‘bounced’ out, but this organiser is much deeper and hopefully that, combined with the stretchy neoprene holder, means it’s safer for your drinks.  

And look… it is even deep enough to carry an emergency bottle of wine *jokes*  

If you’d like to order your own, Bundlebean have been kind enough to give me a discount code to

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