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As mentioned in my post at the beginning of the month, I want to discuss the psychological understanding we have about cats and the way they behave. Most of you cat lovers may know some or all of the things I will discuss, however, I thought it would be a nice idea to go over different aspects of cat’s behavior and the reasons behind it.

Cat’s Misbehaving

Cats are beautiful animals. You can keep asking your cat not to scratch for instance however until the cat herself is not provided a specific place where she can conduct this act, no remedy will come of it. This is just a simple example of what I am going to try and clarify in today’s post.

Before you even want to consider punishing your car or feel like giving up on her you may wish to try Cat psychology.

If your cat is totally cool with using the litter box and then suddenly she stops. This may be due to suffering from pain or injury. They may also be an infection of some kind that is causing her to not reach the litter box in time.

Many times, in psychology, we use the ‘Association’ technique in order to train our pets. Cats are different. For instance, if you punish your cat for scratching your sofa, they won’t associate the telling off, with your punishment. In fact, they associate the telling off, with you.

Cat Stress

Cats love consistency. If you change things in their schedule then it may cause stress for them. I mean even moving furniture around or bringing home a new item of furnishing. If your cat shows any signs of abnormal behavior then start with the smallest things that could have caused it.

There are many psychological books written about cats, you may wish to seek help from a professional cat behaviorist, if all fails, as well.

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