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Chobani Yoghurt UK – A 2018 Update.

I wrote back in 2013…


They Were Amazing

I was lucky enough last week to win a Twitter competition run by Chobani, a company that manufactures Strained Greek Yogurts. A fantastic new to the UK yoghurt, produced under the belief that “people have great taste; they just need great options”.  When yoghurt is this good it’s not only people that have great taste – Chobani has a sensational taste – their yoghurt is a delectable delight. It’s incredibly thick and tantalisingly tasty with the 170g pot filled to the brim with a tangy fruit layer hiding sensually beneath, being hugged by the blanket of creamy fat-free goodness.

Move over Muller – Chobani UK is the Non-Fat Yogurt Champ!

If you think Muller yoghurts are thick, you haven’t seen anything yet. Chobani yoghurts are so thick you can stand your spoon up in it. Not that you’d leave it there for very long because one spoonful, you’re hooked. Diving beneath the breathtaking thick plain yoghurt you delve into its fruity jewel. Tart, tongue tingling Black Cherry was my first choice when I first opened my box of treats.


My first mouthful sent my taste buds soaring 

Crafted using their own authentic straining processes with naturally sourced ingredients, free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives, it provides a source of calcium and protein that you cannot get from smoothies or breakfast bars and double the amount of protein than others on the market. The live and active cultures it promotes makes for a healthy stomach – what more do you want? It’s an indulgent but healthy treat – although is so much more indulgent than those desserts on the supermarket shelves that claim to be the finest.

Naughtiness in a tub without the morning after guilt!

Chobani is now going to be a regular in my fridge, and without winning the competition, I would never have tried it. So thank you Chobani, you’ve opened my eyes to a healthier, but seemingly more devilish option – the pots aren’t bigger as it’s over with all too quickly and you want another one straight after.

If you want to try these fantastic yoghurts for yourself, you can buy them at your local…


Nowhere. Shortly after the promotion Chobani was taken to court for misleading customers to believe the yoghurts produced in Greece. They were made in the US. In January 2014, Chobani lost their legal battle with Fage, a recall lead to the majority of their products recalled and in turn lead to Whole Foods declaring they would stop carrying the yoghurts shortly afterwards. Shame. 

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