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*This hamper was gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own*

Christmas! This early? I know! But I just love the lead up… Heyyy everyone, this got me sooo excited for Christmas!!! On Friday I got sent this amazing package from Prestige Hampers. It’s from their luxury Christmas hamper range. I was so shocked when I opened it!  You get so much in the basket!

I would highly recommend this hamper. I think it could be perfect for a Christmas gift for someone. They have also got lot’s of other gift ideas on their website to, so if there is someone at work you don’t really know very well, one of these hampers could be perfect. Food gifts are always appreciated, in my opinion lol!

Also one of my favourite parts, you get to keep the hamper basket! The wicker basket is made really well. After me and my family have eaten and drank all the wine and food, I will be using the basket to put my throws in.


I will link Prestige Hampers here:  When I opened the basket it was all packaged lovely and I just kept pulling things out. I can’t believe how much stuff fitted in the basket. Even thought the basket is big! Some of the things in the basket:

2 bottles of wine 

Shortbread (my fav)

Salted caramel & chocolate raisin mix

Chocolate popcorn

Yorkshire crisps

Chocolate peanut brittle

Sticky toffee pudding biscuits


Chocolate flavoured coffee

Marmalade (which my dad will love)


Christmas Pudding

Cranberry and pumpkin seed biscuits

Christmas pudding


Some chocolates

Also the big basket afterwards.

My mum always puts out a spread of sweets and chocolates over the Christmas period, so I will give some stuff to her and the wines for the table for Christmas day dinner and I’ll give my dad the marmalade and keep some stuff to put my own little spread out, for when people come to visit me, in my home and I will give some items to my local food bank to.

I have been watching all the call the midwives episodes on Netflix and I just watched the christmas 2014 episode, so I am so excited for Christmas now! When I received this it felt like December already. The last two Christmas’s haven’t really been the best for me, so this year I am going to enjoy it so much more!

I am so lucky and grateful for everything in my life and the place I am at right now with my mental health and my niece being well this year. I am also so grateful that I get sent things for my blog! Thank you so much Prestige Hampers for this amazing package! If anyone finds anything they like on the Prestige hampers website I would love to see what hamper you chose. I hope you’re all looking forward to your Christmas! I would love to know in the comments what you’re gonna be getting up to this Christmas.

Love Kirst xx

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