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Cleaning products I’ve been loving.

I am back with a blog post about cleaning products! I’ve realised I have become an adult, I get excited over smelling cleaning products. Shocking, not shocking that I like a clean home. But shocking because I get VERY excited! Lol obviously not sexually just thought I would put that out there. Because you never know people could take that the wrong way, or just me when I reread that over lol.

Anyway I have been using a website lately called I am always looking for the latest deals on fairy products.


Fairy products can be quite expensive if you don’t get them on a deal. So I always check this website to see if there are any and it just shows me which shops have an offer on. They always have loads of deals, voucher codes, coupons, freebies and competitions. Definitely a website to check, if there is a certain product you’re looking for. I love fairy not just because it smells amazing and lasts super long on your clothes. But because it’s for sensitive skin, I have always had sensitive skin! But I think it’s getting worse as I am getting older. I never have a problem with fairy though, so if you have sensitive skin definitely try fairy. But check before to see if it is on offer anywhere.

Lately I have been watching youtube, speed cleans and all of the cleaning videos. My brother thinks I am crazy lol, but you get some really good tips from other people! Like one of them showed to use zoflora in a water bottle, obviously watered down and she sprayed it on her sofa. Which I thought was such a good idea. I love the smell of the linen fresh zoflora, if you haven’t smelt it you need to! They’re so cheap as well. I had run out of zoflora, so I just used some comfort with some hot water in a clear spray bottle instead.

My bedroom always smells amazing now I use that. I love fresh bedding, because you can’t wash your sheets everyday the days I haven’t got fresh bedding on I just spray some hot water and comfort in my bed when I make it in the morning and it feels like its fresh bedding every night and your whole bedroom just smells like fresh washing!

My favourite. 

I am going to start doing these homely/cleaning product blog posts more often.

I hope you like posts like this.

Kirsty x

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