If you are new to hiking this article is designed for you. We love walking and being outdoors. Naturally, we are passionate about helping more people to do the same. Today, we are going to help you to decide what type of clothes to pack for your first hiking holiday.

Buy clothes you like

Ideally, you want to be able to use what you buy for your trip in your day-to- day life, as well as for hiking. Fortunately, there is no need to shop in speciality stores to find what you need. You can buy great looking menswear online that is suitable for most types of walking holidays.

The right footwear

However, that said, the one thing you must do is to buy the right footwear. In theory, you can go walking in a good pair of trainers. But, in reality, this is
rarely a good idea. Usually, trainers do not offer an adequate level of support, which can leave you vulnerable to injuries. Wearing the right footwear greatly reduces the risk of your experiencing twisted ankles, corns and blisters. It really is worth buying a proper pair of walking boots. However, your first pair need not cost a fortune. Once you have tried hiking a few times, and are sure that you enjoy it, you can invest in a pair of specialist walking boots.

You don’t need to buy a lot of kit to start with, but if you decide to carry on hiking, it is worth investing in some key pieces

Comfortable trousers

Trousers are normally the best option for walking. If you are used to shorts you can potentially wear them instead, but should always have a way to cover up your legs and keep them warm in your pack. A pair of good-quality chinos is a good alternative to proper walking trousers. Just make sure that they are loose enough to allow you to move freely.

Tops you can layer

The key to staying comfortable when walking is dressing in layers. Regardless, of where you walk, the temperature is going to change throughout the day.

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