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June delivery of Craft Gin Club -


  • Full Bottle Of Gin
  • Small Batch/Rare Gin
  • Selected By Experts
  • Selection Of Tasty Treats
  • Value For Money

  • No Bi-Weekly Option

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Imagine if you could get a small batch Gin delivered to your door every month? Well, you don’t have to imagine, with Craft Gin Club you can! I am partial to a gin, well more than a little partial if I’m honest.

Gin is currently one of those drinks that is trending and popular, did you know there are 315 gin distilleries in Britain alone. There are hundreds of small-batch gins, that you will not be able to find in your local supermarket.

I love to try different gins and thanks to the Craft Gin Club, I can!

​Rach got me a subscription for fathers day and I have been enjoying their deliveries every month since. This review is based on my personal thoughts, I have not been given any boxes in order to write this review.

What Is ​The Craft​ Gin Club?

Craft Gin Club is a subscription service, where you are sent a full sized bottle of gin and additional goodies every month or every other month. (depending on which subscription you choose).
Logo for Craft Gin Club

It is an exclusive club for those that love their gin and want to learn more about different gins, as well as trying small batch gins. Some of the bottles are very rare and in some cases exclusive, so not available in any stores.

If you are a gin enthusiast like me, you will love the Craft Gin Club.

​How Much Does It Cost?

You can decide on whether or not you receive your box monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months. The price for each box received is £40, so if you pick monthly you will pay £40 per month, whereas if you get a box every 3 months then you will only pay £40 every 3 months.

​This is actually really good value when you think about what you are getting in each box. You can easily spend £25-£30 on a decent Gin at a supermarket. For small batch Gins that you get in your box, you could be paying anything from £30-£100.

Don’t forget you also get a number of extra items such as tonic and snacks, so overall you do get a decent amount for your money. (Plus you get to try out a rare gin each month!)
​Craft Gin Club Discount

​It is, however, possible to get a discount on your first month with the Craft Gin Club, this helping you to see what it is like and also to save a little month. Currently, you can get your first box for £29

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​Contents Of Craft Gin Club

Each time I get a box delivered, I am always excited to see what I’ll receive. Further down I have listed what I got from my deliveries and I’ll continue to update this with every box that I receive.

According to the Craft Gin Club website, they spend a lot of time deciding on what gin and treats to include each month. They have gin experts that taste gins throughout the year (if anyone from Craft Gin Club reads this…how do I get a job?). These experts judge the gins and then shortlist them for boxes. The treats/gifts go through the same process, making sure that they do actually go with the gin and/or the season in which you receive the box.

In each box you will receive;

​1. ​The Gin

One of the things I really like about Craft Gin Club and why I continue to subscribe to them, they send you a “full-sized” bottle of gin. This will either be a 70cl or a 50cl bottle, although most of the time a 70cl bottle is chosen unless the 50cl is of exceptional quality. What is good though is if they do send a 50cl bottle, you will receive additional treats/extras to compensate.

​2. ​Tonic/Mixer

As well as the Gin, you will also normally receive a small (5-10cl) bottle of tonic or liqueur which complements the gin and allows you to make a tasty cocktail.

​3. ​Treats

​You also get a couple of treats such as a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps. These are nice little extras that are chosen because of them going well with the flavour of the gin or sourced from the same area as the gin.

​4. GINNED Magazine

Last but not least you get a copy of the GINNED magazine, this is a great quality and is actually a really good read. It features tasting notes of the gin you receive, along with cocktail recipes that can be made with the gin and other treats received. It then features a number of stories and news articles.

​Boxes I Have Received

​As I mentioned before, I am an active member of the Craft Gin Club. This is a membership that I pay for, because I enjoy the gin and treats they send. (Unlike some reviews I am a member)

June delivery of Craft Gin Club -

This month was the first box I received for my father’s day gift and I was more than happy! It came with a 70cl bottle of gin and 5 additional treats;

The Gin: Vidda Torr

Vidda Torr is a Norwegian gin, made by the Oslo Distillery. It has been created as a British dry gin but is made from botanicals that are found in the Norwegian mountains. Vidda was a nice and easy drinking gin, it did have a unique smell and taste that I have not experienced in any other gins.

If you were to buy this gin on its own, it costs £39.95.

The Treats:

  • Ardens Cheddar & Caramelized Onion Bites
  • Gin and Tonic Chocolate Bar
  • Purdey’s Rejuvenate Drink
  • Franklin & Son’s Tonic Water
  • Bottle Green Cordial – Rhubarb Flavour

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Delivery Of Craft Gin Club box in July |

The 2nd box I received was in July, so I was therefore expecting a Gin that would be ideal for summer. I got just that, this gin was such an easy drinking gin, perfect for evenings with a BBQ.

The Gin: ​Osmoz Citrus

​Osmoz Citrus is the first French gin that I have tried and I was more than impressed. It is distilled from Grapes and as you can tell from the name has a number of notes of Citrus. There are a number of botanicals that help to enhance the aroma such as liquorice, coriander and saffron.

If you were to buy this gin on its own, it costs £32.95.

The Treats:

  • St Germain Liquor
  • Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic
  • Chocolate Meringue Bar
  • Real Handcooked Cheese and Onion Crisps
  • Green & Black Praline

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August 2018

August delivery of Gin from Gin Club |

August delivery is here already and it’s a good one! Craft Gin Club have been saying that this one is worth a total of £60 and once I receive it I could see why.

The Gin: ​​Dry Island Gin – Four Pillars

​This gin is a combination of two distilleries, working together to create a tasty gin. This gin is actually an exclusive one and is not available in any stores yet. It features botanicals from Sweden and Australia. I personally thought it was a light drink that could be drank again and again (which it has been!).

If you were to buy this gin on its own, it costs ​$90 (£51), although not yet available for purchase in the UK.

The Treats:

  • Fentimans Valencian Orange Tonic X2
  • Green and Blacks Velvet Eddition
  • Whitworths Shots X2
  • Poshcorn Strawberry and Cream

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​My Overall Impression

If you are a fan of Gin and enjoy trying different gins that you will probably never see in the stores, the Craft Gin Club would be perfect for you and I’d recommend it. The gins that I have had so far have been really tasty and the gifts have been excellent quality.

At first some people might think it’s a little expensive as you can get a bottle of Gordons for £20, however, these are small batch gins and as mentioned before can vary from £30-£100. I do believe it is really good value when you think about what gin you are receiving, as well as all the extra treats you get as well.

​Don’t forget, if you have not tried them before you can get a really good discount on your first box.

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