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I received this beautiful (and delicious) letterbox cake from bakerdays which I was able to personalise! And I almost couldn’t eat it because I hadn’t finished taking 47372828 snaps of it yet. Respect for my self control please?!




This cake is called a letterbox cake because..

You guessed it. It can fit through your letterbox. In all honesty, my letterbox seems to be smaller than average so it wouldn’t have fit through mine but luckily I was in! Knowing this cake would be letterbox sized puzzled me slightly as I imagined a teeny tiny thin sliver and how would it not get ruined in transport? Well it turned up in perfect condition and in the cutest ‘just for you’ tin which I will be reusing!

Bakerdays do a variety of treats in different sizes as well as also making cupcakes and selling balloons. They have cake designs for all occasions. Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day.. You name it.






Look how pretty it is!

Flavour wise you can choose from:

Lovely lemon drizzle (which I picked) gluten and wheat free sponge, dairy free sponge, traditional sponge, each chocolate chip and half chocolate half sponge.

There were endless designs and personalisation options but I opted for this cute sunshiney design and added my own text.

‘Create your own sunshine’.

I told you I like to be surrounded with positive quotes right? Not that it lasted long of course. I really had to stop myself from devouring the whole damn thing as soon as it was in my sight 👀

I was almost tempted to get a Halloween themed cake as obviously we’re in the Halloween period right now, but as soon as I saw this design I had to go for it!

The cake arrived so well packaged and I love the easy pull out tab so I could get the cake out of the tin with ease. Let’s face it, I’m pretty clumsy so this was so handy!

I managed to get a couple of snaps before chomping it down and I surprised myself to find there was enough for 4 comfortable servings. My partner and his two children soon helped me finish the lot!

The taste was incredible. I hate the m word (moist) bleugh! But it really was! I normally opt for chocolate flavour with everything but I do love lemon drizzle so I’m glad I chose this flavour! It was so yummy!

I hide you enjoyed my review! Thanks bakerdays! Oh and don’t forget to view their website here!

What’s your favourite cake flavour?

This is a gifted collaboration with bakerdays.

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