These earrings, like so many other bits in my jewellery box, barely get worn. It’s not because I don’t like them, but because I am so terrified of losing them, or getting them damaged – sad really isn’t it?

I use to be so much worse, keep items of clothing, notes, tickets etc… from as far back as to when I was ickle – just because it reminded me ‘… of that time we got icecream at the Isle of wight’ or ‘…when we passed all our exams and ate cake for dinner’. I don’t think there is any shame in keeping a few bits, but it does make it more challenging when moving house etc. Now, after a roofless clear out, I have limited myself to a few pieces of jewellery, my childhood scrapbook and my spice girls t shirt!

These earrings were bought for my birthday a couple years back by a close friend, and therefore remind me of some very happy memories. I’m going to toughen up an wear them this autumn I think, because they really are pretty 🙂

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