Morning, afternoon, good evening 😉

I’ll be honest, it took me a little longer than most to get the hype of quinoa/healthy food bars. I felt that when they first came out, they tasted dry, unsweetened and just… BLAH! And yet here I sit, munching on a cacao & cashew one, sipping on an almond & coconut milk latte – WOWZERS! (The one featured is from Aldi UK).

I don’t know about anyone else, but since Autumn arrived in style; work, life & funtimes have certainly picked up. I’m not moaning about busy, but I definitely don’t function too well if I’m hungry – and god help if you bug my happiness when I’m HANGRY;-) So I’ve decided to spend the next couple of days or so, looking into better breakfasts I can have on the go (that I can make myself of course!).

What’s your favourite go to snack to eat on the move? Any suggestions?

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