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On Saturday Nora and I took Poppy and Marty on a nice family day out to experience Day Out with Thomas at the East Lancashire Railway in Bury.

My kids absolutely love Thomas & Friends and trains in general, especially Marty, so after spotting this event I had to book it. I got a family ticket (2 adults, 2 kids) for £55 which isn’t bad at all for a full day out.

Our Day Out with Thomas at East Lancashire Railway

The day started at Bury Bolton Street Station with the Fat Controller’s opening ceremony at 9:45am where he welcomed us all to a Day with Thomas and told us about our day ahead before walking along the platform through the crowds to welcome Thomas into the station. So cool.

Here’s Thomas and the Fat Controller:

Fat Controller with Thomas
Unfortunately I didn’t catch a picture of Thomas from the front as he came into the station, but he looked really cool as you’ll see later on.

I think I was more impressed with the Fat Controller and how he looked than the kids were. I actually got a picture with him later on and he joked “he’s been waiting all day for a picture with me he has,” haha.

He wasn’t wrong! I used to love Thomas as a kid. It was nostalgic.

So after our introduction to Day Out with Thomas, we hopped on a train and headed to Ramsbottom Station. It wasn’t a very long journey.

Mummy and Poppy:

Poppy & Mummy on the Train
Daddy and Marty:

Daddy & Marty on the Train
We were given a sheet showing what’s going on throughout the day as the events took place at multiple places, including different train stations along the East Lancashire Railway line as well as the Bury Transport Museum.

The kids absolutely loved the train ride to Ramsbottom Station. Poppy didn’t stop smiling and Marty was loving it when we went through tunnels.

Here are the kids at Ramsbottom Station:

Marty & Poppy at Ramsbottom Station
Once we got to Ramsbottom Station we had a look at the planner which showed that we could find the truck scenario, balloon modelling, face painting and puppets at this station throughout the day.

The line for balloons was massive so we decided to stick around for the truck scenario before heading back to Bury Bolton Street Station.

Truck Scenario:

Marty & Poppy at the Truck Scenario
The train scenario involved multiple engines coming into the station with some audience participation. We were told which hand signals to use to call engines into the station, as well as signals to change direction on the tracks. There was lots of steam released too. It was cool to watch!

Marty and Poppy were more interested in waving at the trains! Haha.

United Kingdom of Sodor Passports:

Sodor Passports
I thought this was a really nice touch on the day.

The kids were given United Kingdom of Sodor Passports to use while riding the trains, and to fill out throughout the day with stickers and such.

A few pictures with my babies:

Daddy & Kids at Day Out with Thomas
I thought I’d stick these photos of us together in a little collage.

The first one is us pulling faces at Ramsbottom Station, the second is us ‘trying’ to look normal (haha) and the last 2 are swinging cuddles at Bury Bolton Street Station as we were waiting for the Fat Controller to arrive for the opening ceremony. Little cuties, I could cuddle them all day.

So anyway, after we’d watched the truck scenario at Ramsbottom Station we headed back to Bury Bolton Street station. We were hungry.

We headed across the road to the Bury Transport Museum. There was a lovely little bus cafe there so we decided to grab a bit of food before continuing with our adventures. We spotted Bertie outside!

Nora and I got sausage barms and the kids got sandwiches.

It was yummy! No complaints there.

And then the kids went outside to meet Bertie:

Poppy & Marty with Bertie
Bertie might not look particularly happy, but look at the smiles on the faces of Poppy and Marty. Bless them. That’s what this is all about, folks!

It was really cute, too, as Poppy was cradling Bertie’s face in the palms of her hands and saying “smile, bertie! come on, smile bertie!” She’s such a kind, caring little girl for her age and full of so much compassion.

It’s lovely. They both make me so proud.

After that we headed into the Transport Museum which was filled with lots of old engines, buses and an old postman’s van (and bicycle).

Poppy & Marty on a double-decker bus:

Double-decker Bus at Bury Transport Museum
Marty & Poppy with the postie:

Marty & Poppy at the Transport Museum
The museum is better for older kids and adults, really, as Marty and Poppy were disappointed that they couldn’t go inside everything haha.

It’s a great place, however, and I’d recommend everyone visit it.

Once we had finished at the Bury Transport Museum we headed back over the road to the Bury Bolton Street Station to ride behind Thomas.

Here’s a picture of Marty waiting for Thomas:

Marty with Thomas
How cool is that photo? It’s one of my favourites from the day.

I love that you can see Marty holding his Thomas & Friends flag just looking on as his TV favourite puffs into the station.

Thomas had a number of carts / trailers behind him that we could ride on. One of them was called Poppy, how cool? And that’s the one we jumped aboard. It’s only a short ride behind Thomas, but very cool for the kids.

It was getting pretty late in the day by now, but we had one thing left to do before we could leave. Balloons. The kids had to have balloons.

So we jumped back on the train to Ramsbottom Station. But we had to wait on it for 40 minutes before it left the station. Argh! And then the queue for the balloon modelling was huge when we arrived. Double argh!

But we waited. And waited. And waited. For well over an hour.

The result of all that waiting:

Marty & Poppy with Butterfly Balloons
Was it worth all of that waiting around?

Of course. The kids were happy and look at the balloons. I kind of wanted one after I saw them. They’re awesome, and really cute too!

We then hopped back on the train and headed back to Bury Bolton Street Station as we were just about ready to leave. Guess what happened on the train? Marty popped part of his balloon. He was heartbroken haha.

Junior Engineer Certificates:

Junior Engineer Certificates
We were given these junior engineer certificates during the ride behind Thomas. It was another lovely touch alongside the United Kingdom of Sodor Passports. We had the Fat Controller sign them before we left.

Final picture of the day:

Day Out with Thomas Family Picture
A lovely old chap who was working the event took this photograph for us. He first took one on the train as we were waiting to leave and asked if we’d like one with Thomas. He was so nice. Everyone was, actually.

It was a long, but very fun day. The kids loved it as did we. And on the way home we visited Smyths Toys in Wigan to get the kids a toy each.

I ended up getting myself an RC Lamborghini, too. Such a child! Haha.

Day Out with Thomas Review

We had a fantastic day on the East Lancashire Railway with a Day Out with Thomas. The kids absolutely loved it, as did Nora and I.

It’s a full-day event and a family ticket for £55 is a bargain when you consider all of the different events and activities you can see and take part in. Plus, you can ride the trains as much as you want to. All day!

See if Thomas is coming to a station near you here.

Day Out with Thomas Review
  • Value for Money

  • Entertainment for Kids

  • Facilities for Kids

  • The Staff

  • Kids Rate It


Day Out with Thomas is definitely an event that all families with kids who love Thomas & Friends, or just trains in general, should experience at least once. It’s fantastic. Big thumbs up from us!

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