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The decision to become a blogger wasn’t one I took lightly, but it was the best decision I have ever made, yes at times it is hard but the majority of the time you are having the up most fun by simply writing down your thoughts.

The people you meet along the way is another reason why I love blogging, it’s not just those who read your blog its fellow bloggers too!

Bloggers get a lot of stick, people regularly have opinions on the “freebies” that we receive, however what they don’t see or realise is just how much work goes into these so-called freebies, upon receiving your “freebie” you must take numerous photo’s of said product, you must alert the company that you have received it too, once you’ve done that you sometimes edit the photos then the real work begins you must now write a post up about said product all within a specified timescale all this must be completed whilst still having to function as a parent. You see, bloggers don’t receive freebies, they don’t get free days out either what they do receive however is work and yes we will call it work because that is what it is, it doesn’t matter if we love doing what we are doing, we still have to put a lot of work into it.

Another thing I have noticed whilst blogging is how occasionally we don’t stick together, there are times where I have witnessed bloggers belittling others even those in the same niche, what is that all about? There is plenty of internet for all of us. Just imagine how incredible we would become if we all encouraged each other and helped each other out, I know this only applies to a small amount of bloggers as the majority are incredibly supportive.

So fellow bloggers, I want you to know that you are doing amazing, you are making a difference one post at a time. Someone tries to be little you? Ignore it, chances are they are only jealous anyway. Someone says to you “I bet its nice

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