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Franco Manca is Neapolitan pizzeria company founded in 2008 in Brixton Market London. Since then the business has expanded throughout the country with its latest opening in Oxford. Franco Manca is pioneering the classic Neapolitan sourdough pizza using local and  seasonal ingredients. The brand believes for food to be truly enjoyed it needs to be made from authentic and delicious ingredients. Franco Manca aims to keep its business and food simple, authentic and of good value.

We were recently invited to attend an exclusive dinner and wine tasting at the Oxford branch. This was one invitation both my sister and I were not going to miss as pizza and wine tasting are our favourite past times.

Franco Manca Oxford was officially opened in August where as per Italian tradition they offered 500 free pizzas. Why I didn’t hear about this I do not know but it was very generous of them. The pizzeria was opened 14th August 2017 just over a month ago and last Thursday it was packed to maximum capacity. It was truly amazing to see who the customers who are still flocking this pizzeria for authentic and delicious foods. The pizzeria holds 60 persons all in Franco Manca style but fear not they offer takeaways. You have three options to choose from in terms of ordering a takeaway, click & collect, calling & collect or in person.

Tasting Sourdough Pizza

As someone whose never tried sourdough pizza before I was really curious to learn how to make it from scratch. I was even more curious about the taste of sourdough pizza and wondered if it would be to my liking. To be honest my worries were unfounded as I found myself wanting more pizza as the night went on. What I loved is that all the ingredients are either from UK growers or small-scale Italian producers. Because it is an Italian pizzeria I felt it was important to have Italian ingredients to give it the authenticity.

Franco Manca Menu

With only 7 types of pizza on the menu with costs starting from £4.95 it was an easy sale for me. The menu invites you to take a bite of the starters, salads, desserts and wide variety of drinks. During the exclusive dinner we were truly spoilt with a selection of wines we could wash the foods down with. I must recommend the Rosato wine which was my favourite; unfiltered Sicilian wine introduced for the summer. You could buy a bottle for £17.50 or a 250ml glass for £6.45 which I felt was reasonably priced for this delicious wine.

Sourdough pizza making class 

Whilst post wine drinking is not the best time to learn how to make sourdough pizza we still had a fabulous time and learnt a lot. From where the flour is bought, what type of flour it should be to the secret recipe of making the perfect sourdough pizza. We had the master pizzeria chef himself teach us and explain the whole process to getting the perfect pizza. Then his chefs demonstrated how they then fill the dough with ingredients and how long it takes to cook (60 seconds). The best part is we didn’t have to just watch them demonstrate we participated and made our own pizzas.

Obviously no blogger exclusive event is complete without goodie bags and let me tell you Franco Manca outdid themselves. Not only were we able to take the pizzas we made home, we got extra goodies to use at home plus TWO BOTTLES of wine. Can I get an amen to the BEST goodie bag EVER!! We had such an amazing time, the staff were wonderful, knowledgeable and kind. The atmosphere of Franco Manca Oxford has convinced this place is one to visit whenever you’re in need of the BEST PIZZA.

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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