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I think I’m in shock, not really sure what to say but I definitely have to say something! I knew the internet was a bit of a ‘wild west’ but I’ve always lived under the assumption that people could conduct themselves with a bit of self-respect and act like adults who at least pretend to have a modicum of respect for those out there who are not identical to the writer. Oh, how wrong I have been!

As you know, I spend A LOT of time researching for the experiments I write about. I was online today reading about the challenges to  making the most out of your already existing wardrobe and how to glam it up a bit. Apparently, 80% (statistic created in my own head) of the articles seem geared towards the late Teens – 20’s crowd. (Most of which who aren’t in possession of the 40’s finances required – BTW.) So, I had to do an entirely different search for fashion for women who don’t want to live in miniskirts and skorts. The grown up model. The 30+ crowd, as we are really the ones that can afford the quality purchases. What I found was….very disappointing.

What was under my search was THIS ARTICLE. Much like a train wreck; You know you shouldn’t look, but you kind of have to. I had to read it.  I read it in it’s entirety.  I have never read such foulness towards women. In short: Unmarried women over 30 are old useless hags who only want a man because her looks are gone & no-one will have her. If you want the long version, you’ll have to read the linked article (top of paragraph ) yourself.

I am confused. My 20’s were horrible. True, I was dating, I went out with my friends, I had fun. But honestly? I had no idea what life was yet. I was so busy just trying to keep a roof over my head, food (ramen) in my mouth & clothes (cheapest thing I could get) on my back that I had no comprehension

Read the full original post here authored by Mliae . You can visit the publisher's blog here.

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