We’ve seen quite a few posts and screenshots in the group lately about your ex’s (father to your kids) condoning the interference of their new partner’s in your kids lives. Where do these women get off?

It is a completely different issue if you all get along – this is in an ideal world and always very welcome. There are some wonderful women who will treat your child like one of their own and ensure that they feel welcome and loved just as much as their own do. You might be one of those women – high five if you are. You might have even become friends sharing the mutual opinion that your ex is a complete and utter twatbag. Stranger things have happened! This is how co-parenting should be done, however, in some circumstances this is NEVER going to happen. Not in a million years. And there are a whole variety of different reasons why this may be the case but whatever they are, they are often justified.

But what do you do about it?

Ignore them. If someone has the audacity to text you about YOUR child, you simply ignore them. This will infuriate them as they will realise that whilst they might think they are important and they have one up on you because they are with your ex (who you actually wouldn’t piss on if he was on fire) – they really AREN’T. They are a total nonentity in your life and you are happy living yours without a backwards glance 😀 Who do they think they are though? Your ex isn’t getting a response from you so they butt in thinking that they can work some kind of miracle!? And your ex allows this! Wrong on so many levels! She will always have a bias opinion of you and is just doing the devils handywork! (That is until they split up)

If your child happens to like them, that is great. That is how it should be. This might be a bitter pill to swallow but you are lucky in these circumstances because all too

Read the full original post here authored by Caroline Devlin. You can visit her blog here.

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