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Today has been just me and the kids 🙂 (Dads at work). Oscar, Ivy and Myself decided to make some easter nest cakes, Ivy and Oscar were so excited to get started. We sat at the kitchen table and they both got to open one of their easter eggs. Smiles all around when Oscar saw he had a chocolate egg, he is dairy free and this has been the first year we have easily found dairy free eggs for him.

Making cakes

They both broke up their own chocolate into bowls ready to be melted by Mummy. While I melted their chocolate they were breaking up the shredded wheat. This took Ivy longer than I expected but she got there in the end and all by her self.


They Both poured their own chocolate over their shredded wheat, and mixed and mixed with huge smiles on their faces. Oscar got so excited to put them in the cases he missed and plopped it on the table which made him giggle.


After the cases where filled Ivy put one egg in each of hers. While Oscar put 2 mini marshmallow on each of his. They have now both had one of their nests and wanted to save the rest to show Daddy when he gets home :).


Hector sat in the kitchen and wanted to join in, smiling to his brother and sister :).

All in all I think they had fun making them, can’t wait to see them eat them :).


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