Elektra, Flash, Sparky and Joules – the stray puss and her three kittens plucked to safety from electricity substation by Cats Protection

A stray cat and her three kittens are recovering after being plucked to safety from the live electricity substation where they had been sheltering.

Volunteers from Cats Protection’s Cambridge Branch joined forces with engineers from UK Power Networks to mount a dramatic rescue after two of the kittens came within a whisker of high voltage electrical equipment.

Power supply to neighbouring properties was temporarily cut  after engineers were forced to shut off electricity to the substation while the kittens were pulled to safety.

The kittens, thought to be aged 10 weeks, were promptly named Sparky, Flash and Joules while their mother was named Elektra by volunteers at Cats Protection. All are now being cared for by the charity before they are found loving new homes.

Cats Protection’s Cambridge Branch Coordinator Niccy Townley said a local gardener had first raised the alarm after spotting the kittens trapped within the six-foot high walls surrounding the substation in Elizabeth Way, Cambridge.

She said: “I immediately contacted the power company and the engineers joined me at the site very quickly. We all had one goal – to get the kittens out safely.

“I managed to catch the mum cat very easily, but because the kittens were not used to people they were very wary and difficult to catch. Two of them dashed inside the substation and at that point it became very dangerous as they were very close to a high voltage area.

“The engineer arranged for the power to be

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