As I’ve previously mentioned, when Dave and I got engaged I was 18 and he’d turned 19 the day before. He was in college, only had a Saturday job and most of his money from that went towards petrol and car maintenance in order to get to work and college. As such, he didn’t have much money spare to buy me an engagement ring and had put a lot of the money he received for his birthday the day before towards it.

Promise ring/ bracelet

In late spring he’d decided that I was “the one” and given me his silver bracelet to wear, kind of in place of a promise ring. A promise that he’d propose to me once he had the money for a ring. People at school and family wondered why I was wearing a man’s bracelet, but I didn’t care. To me, it was a symbol of Dave’s love for me and how much I meant to him, but at the same time I felt embarrassed at the idea of actually explaining that it was kind of in place of an engagement ring.

The proposal

When Dave proposed to me, I loved the ring he’d chosen. It was an unusual style, white gold with a diamond. When I asked why he’d chosen that one, he said he thought that the white gold either side of the diamond symbolised us and the diamond represented love. He’s always kind of been cheesy like that!

Reactions to my engagement ring

When I showed my ring to many people, they were underwhelmed, probably due to the size of the diamond in it. It was 0.1 of a carat and not the best clarity. Less than two months later, standing at the till of a shop I worked in, I had my first insult. “Engaged, are you?” the man said to me. “Yes”, I said. “How old are ya?” he asked. I told him that I was 18 and he responded that I was too young, pretty much said it wouldn’t last and I should be enjoying life and that

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