Our lives today have been made infinitely easier by the advent of modern technology. We have smart TV’s, tablets and smartphones that can keep us entertained for hours. We can order our shopping online and have it delivered to our door. We can even buy vehicles that can drive themselves! All of these advancements in technology have undoubtedly made great improvements in our everyday lives, but at what cost? Due to the aforementioned examples of technology, we are becoming less and less active. Children do not play outside as often. Adults exercise less and rely increasingly on vehicles for transportation instead of walking. We live busy and sometimes chaotic lives and this means that exercise and the outdoors is often neglected. Why should we seek to change this and once again embrace the outdoors? Why should we seek a balance between technology and physical activity? The pointers listed below help show how exploring the outdoors and exercising can be truly beneficial.

Create cherished memories with your family

Heading off out on a family day trip into the countryside of coast gives you the chance to create special memories. Furthermore, it helps strengthen your family bonds and develop your relationships. How can you create memories if you are stuck in your bedroom on your tablet and your parents are sat watching TV for example? Putting your devices away and exploring the outdoor world prompts you to interact with each other, have fun, and create some fantastic memories that you can look back on in years to come.

Spending time together outdoors creates memories that last a lifetime (photo courtesy of cornishwave.com)

Allow your children to explore the outdoors in a controlled manner

Parents today fear increasingly for their children’s safety. In ages past, children could play outdoors unsupervised. Today that is not possible – there is more traffic on the roads and more danger. This is often one of the main reasons why children stay indoors. Exploring the outdoors can give your children the perfect chance to get outside and have some fun. You can be there with them and

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