Hi everyone,

As many of you probably know we always try and provide as much information as possible when it comes to the fight against fleas, ticks and other parasites.

So of course when FRONTLINE asked us to help promote their campaign we were more than eager to join them in helping keep pets safe from flea infestations.

Before we go over to the campaign details let’s remind everyone of why it is so important to take preventative measures to combat fleas.

Some cats are only mildly affected by fleas and at worst they may experience a small amount of scratching. For other cats, it can lead to more severe problems such as an allergic reaction to flea saliva which causes a severe itch and sometimes miliary dermatitis. This comes with crusty sores that appear all over the body as well as hair loss. It is also possible for those cats who have a large number of fleas on them to lose enough blood to become anaemic and small kittens are especially susceptible to this.

We actually saw some cats with what seemed to be severe flea problems on our recent trip to Japan. They were feral cats that had lost almost all of their fur and had crusty sores all over their faces! This was not a nice sight and reminds us as to why prevention is so important. (We pointed out the location of these ferals to the local rescue btw!)

Now while for most cats fleas are just a nuisance the biggest danger is where ticks are involved because they can transmit serious diseases through their saliva when they feed on cats’ blood. You may even not notice any change in your cat until the infection is well established.

Products such as FRONTLINE Plus are an easy way to treat for fleas and ticks and help protect from their dangers!

So what is the campaign itself all about? Well FRONTLINE is currently running an amazing competition which gives your pet the chance to becoming the face of FRONTLINE! And if that wouldn’t be enough already you will

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