Last week was Tanya’s 30th birthday, to celebrate she threw a Disney themed party. It took me weeks to decide on a costume! Initially, when my hair was vibrant red, I played with the idea of going as the Queen of Hearts.

I had a google search but many of the costumes were a little too revealing for me so considered going for a red 50’s style dress and crown, but do you think I could find one in my budget? of course not.

My next idea was to throw on the sparkliest dress I could find and simply be….the magic of disney! …..I swiftly changed my mind.

Eventually I remembered I had the cutest blue tulle skirt that could make up part of a fairy godmother outfit!

All I needed was the perfect top to complete the outfit so I headed straight onto Boohoo to find the ideal top and found a cream, deep V Bardot top, it looked so cute with the skirt!

To complete my costume I found a glittery cape on eBay and a wand at my local party shop! But even without the cape I still could of pulled of Cinderella or Alice!

Overall we all had a fabulous evening, and the beauty of my outfit is that I can wear it on any other occasion!

If you were invited to a Disney themed party, who would you go as?

* White top was gifted to me by Boohoo


Read the full original post here authored by Abigail Kathleen. You can visit her blog here.

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