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Explore some common questions that brands, businesses and start-ups have asked us in the past.

Q. When I receive blogger responses, what should I do next?

Here are a few tips to follow, once you have received responses to your blogging assignment.

Q. What is a blogging assignment?

This is something that you can create here via a simple, intuitive form, to help connect you with relevant blog owners. The brand assignment gives the blogger enough information on how you would like the blogger’s assistance. After submission the assignment is published to the Bloggers Required homepage, weekly newsletter, continually tweeted and added to our Facebook page and Google + for bloggers to review and respond to.

Q. What does an assignment look like?

Please check out the example assignment we have provided.

Q. What is in it for brands, businesses and start-ups?

You get to make contact with relevant bloggers, build relationships and get published.

What types of assignments should we add?

That’s up to you, anything you need bloggers help with. The assignment can be extremely flexible in scope, ranging from:

  • The promotion of products or services.
  • Attendance at events, online or offline.
  • Running giveaways or competitions
  • Job offers.
  • Brand ambassador programmes.
  • Blogger outreach and recruitment.
  • Surveys, polls and market research.
  • Sponsored posts and advertising

Q. How do bloggers get in contact with me?

When we add your assignment, we also add a contact form that goes directly to the email address you initially supplied on your blogger assignment form.


Assignment owners are made aware that any contact details received via responses to blogging assignments, can be used for blogging assignment purposes ONLY. 

Assignment owners are made aware that any responses you receive and the personal information found inside are their responsibility to keep private and secure in accordance with your own data and privacy policy, and to adhere to all current government guidelines.

Q. How many blogger responses can I expect?

On average, you can expect 25 blogger responses per assignment, usually a lot more! However, this depends greatly on the nature of the assignment and the compensation you are offering the bloggers.

Q. What role does Bloggers Required play?

We act as the facilitator. We add your assignment to the site within 24hrs of you posting it. Once the blogger has made contact, it’s up to you to follow-up with them individually.

Q. Can I keep my assignment private?

Your assignment can be made public or private. Read more about why you would want to keep your assignment private here.

Q. How are featured assignments promoted on all blogging assignments?

They are added to the Bloggers Required homepage and sidebars.

Q. Should I compensate bloggers?

It’s down to you, however, the large majority of bloggers expect some sort of compensation for the time and effort they take to complete the blogging assignment. Our suggestion would be to compensate bloggers fairly.

Q. Should I be offering bloggers any form of payment or incentive?

This is at your discretion. Generally speaking, bloggers have their own agenda and may or may not expect payment. However, if you are looking for bloggers to review a product, in some cases, a requirement may be that they keep the product, and or payment.

Q. Why you should use the Bloggers Required ‘one assignment’ option?

Brands, business and start-ups who use Bloggers Required can expect an average of 25 responses to their blogging assignments. Additionally, your brand will receive a huge amount of exposure from being featured in our weekly newsletter which is sent to over 9,000 opt-in bloggers, and via our ever-increasing social channels. Overall, we offer you the chance to work with targeted bloggers and gain significant exposure, all for one small, one-off cost!

Q. How much does it cost to add a blogging assignment?

We ask brands to pay a small fee to add assignments, from £30.00 per assignment. Payment is taken via PayPal or invoice.

Q. What sort of bloggers will respond to my assignment?

The type of bloggers responses you receive depends on how precise your blogging assignment is. Make sure within your assignment you ask for any key desirables that you would like your bloggers to have in order for them to be considered.


Q. How are bloggers sourced?

All the responses to assignments are made independently by interested bloggers.

Q. Once we have added an assignment, how long will it be before it is added to the site.

Your assignment will be up within 24hrs, but in most cases within a few hours.

Q. Where can I find out about ethical blogging?

Here are some simple steps that we recommend you follow, to ensure the bloggers you are working with are ethical.UK/US

Q. Can Bloggers Required create the assignments and manage the blogger relations for us?

Of course, we can. Check out our consultancy options for more details.

Q. What happens if I get inundated with responses?

We recommend that you only pick the best responses that are most relevant to your campaign. But it might be worth keeping in contact with the others for future campaigns. It’s polite to say thanks, but no thanks. Never promise bloggers anything you cannot deliver on!

Q. Which brands have used Bloggers Required?

Check them out.

Q. What is the ‘one assignment’ process?

You create, add and pay for your one blogging assignment. Email and PayPal confirmation is sent to you.

Bloggers Required publishes your blogging assignment on the Bloggers Required site, and promotes via its social channels and weekly newsletter, to a community of over 35,000 worldwide bloggers.

Bloggers review and respond to your published blogging assignment.

You receive blogger responses from your published blogging assignment directly to your personal email account.

You choose which bloggers to work with.

How to create a blogging assignment

Q. Do you have a cookies policy?

Yes. You can find it here.

Q. Do you offer any other services?

Yes. We also run Twitter parties, you can find out more here.

Q. Why do assignments have to be moderated first?

We just want to make sure that we are delivering complete, and high-quality assignments.

Q. Should I reply to all the bloggers that have made contact?

We advise you to thank bloggers who have made the effort to contact you. It’s polite to say thanks, but no thanks. At the very least, send a tweet to thank all the bloggers who have applied for your assignment.

Q. Where can we get more help?

Use the contact form provided.

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. Please read our T&Cs

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