Skinny Ankle Grazers 

Skinny ankle grazers are the best skinny jeans one can have in their wardrobe, they are a staple in mine. I recently picked up a new pair in Reading from New Look after spending an afternoon wine tasting at Veeno. Obviously you want to hear more about our  Italian wine tasting experience at Veeno than my outfit. Fear not, all will be shared in good time on here but today let’s talk about this outfit.

If there is one constant outfit idea that is shared on this blog is ‘styling skinny jeans‘ for all occasions. I love skinny jeans and have way too many pairs but honestly I can never have enough. There is always something about wearing skinny jeans that just makes me happy. It could be the effortless way of styling them but still make them look amazing. Or it could be because they elongate my already long legs even more than usual. These skinny ankle grazers are by far the best ones I own, they are soft and made to fit.

I am someone who always shops with an outfit in mind, when I saw the jeans I knew what to pair with them. The lace mid length lace top I had seen earlier would go perfectly with my block heels. I then saw a faux fur gilet which I knew would just be perfect to compliment this outfit.

When it came to accessorizing,  I knew the lace detail on the top was enough. But I had picked up a love cross over bag from Primark that I knew would be perfect. The detail on the cross over bag was enough accessorizing this outfit needed.

What do you think of these skinny ankle grazers? How would you style them and where would you wear this outfit? I wore mine to church and also on a date, it is styling without trying too much. Share this: You may also enjoy:

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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