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Oxford is a city in England located in the central southern region of the country. The city is most famous for the 12th-century prestigious University of Oxford. With the 38 colleges in this medieval city centre, Oxford speaks for itself. 

Over the last few years, I have been a resident of the borough of Oxford and absolutely love this city. Those who know me know I prefer living in the countryside to the city. But Oxford has definitely given me a change of her and can see myself living within the city.

The best restaurants in Oxford, we share three of our favourite

Today’s post is aimed at sharing some of my favourite restaurants in Oxford. Being a student town, the city is full of wonderful eateries to suit every palette. Almost a year ago the biggest shopping mall, Westgate, was opened in Oxford. With it came new and vibrant restaurants, adding even more great options.

Restaurants of Oxford – Faves!!

When it comes to choosing restaurants, I rarely read reviews from third parties like TripAdvisor. I am all about word of mouth and reading reviews from fellow bloggers. The following restaurants are ones that I have visited myself and enjoyed the food.

Cinnamon Kitchen

Regular readers will remember one review of Cinnamon Kitchen back in 2017. One thing I loved about this Indian establishment is the quality of food and pricing.  I still remember arriving and being ignored for over 25 minutes since arriving. In that 25 minutes, we didn’t even have water on our table.

I am sure you’re wondering why I am recommending it, well let me explain. Part of the reason of bad service was all part of teething problems having just opened. Regardless, this shouldn’t be an excuse, but I am a great believer in second chances.

Cinnamon Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Oxford.
Mango Kulfi

The main reason I recommend Cinnamon Kitchen, is because of the quality of the food. Once the food arrived, we couldn’t help but salivate and the food was utter perfection.

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

This Danish and Japanese established is one that I can not sing the praises enough of. We made our second visit recently for a girls lunch date and it was just as amazing as ever. Don’t let the name fool you, its not just stick food or sushi, it has much more.

What stands out at this restaurant is not only the quality of food but also the atmosphere. Everyone knows the Danish and Japenese culture is all about minimalism and relaxation. From the decor, you can see they spent as much time on them as the food.

Lunch at Sticks 'n' Sushi

Speaking of food I should mention that it can be pricey but it is very filling. The quality alone is enough to make me return for another visit and enjoy the sushi. 

Franco Manca

Now, if you don’t like Pizza, this might not be for you but don’t despair, they have an amazing menu. Prior to having dinner here, I hadn’t tried a sourdough base pizza. 

Franco Manca is pizzeria company, pioneering the classic Neapolitan sourdough pizza. Since our visit last year I have been twice and can not get enough of this pizzeria.

Franco Manca is one of the best restaurants on Oxford.

Whilst the pizza options always steals the shore, can I just recommend having a wine too. I am not a big wine drinker but lord knows I enjoyed the wines from there. What I love about Franco Manca is that they food simple, authentic and of good value.

There are many other restaurants that I can recommend but for now, these are enough. If you’re ever in Oxford, stop by Westage and visit the rooftop for a variety of restaurants. The Alchemist and Dirty Bones are some of the other restaurants that are worth a visit. The Alchemist have the best cocktails in town and Dirty Bones offers the best macaroni balls.

Read the original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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