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Welcome to my week 3 update! This week, I seem to have sabotaged myself a bit. I am hanging at around 70kg. Still having the weight fluctuations, but not as severely as last week. Not to mention, David wrote an awesome post about it (Click HERE to read it) and it helped to further calm my nerves.

It actually makes a lot of sense. I have, after all, gained a lot of muscle, turned my eating habits upside down & my body is getting used to a ton more water, plus my hormones are freaking out, and let’s not even mention the lack of…candy.

I have steadily been losing body fat, even if the scales don’t make it look that way. My body fat percentages for the past 3 weeks are as follows:

Start: 48,7% body fat, 34,6% body fat mass & 36,4% lean body mass Week 2: 47,4% body fat, 32,9% body fat mass & 36,4% lean body mass This week: 45,3% body fat, 31,7% body fat mass & 38,3% lean body mass!

In short, my fat % is decreasing & my lean body mass % is increasing! YAY! I love it when I’m going in the proper direction

This week, I know that I did not do as well as I probably would have given other circumstances. I’ve had a migraine for the past couple days, so really all I have done is take medicine, try to eat reasonably & of course do my workouts. But for any additional running around? Well, I was quite lazy, to tell the truth. Really, all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and just breathe there. So I’m quite proud of myself for keeping to the plan. But float around sprinkling fairy dust, I was not. That’s on me, and only me. I do feel that once my body finds its ‘normal’ again after all the medication I’ve ingested over the past few days, that we’ll be rocking and rolling towards a body that will fit in my too small clothes!

As for this

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